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  • Reminder! This is your last few weeks of deployments for the year/quarter! Deployment freeze starts the week of December 18th.
  • Reminder! This is also the first week of the big fundraising campaign. Please be extra careful not to break CentralNotice (js/skin changes, resourceloader changes) or
  • s8 replica set of servers for wikidata (T177208) to be live on 9th January- check scripts/config that assume wikidata is on s5!). We will have a small period of read only that day.
  • databases no longer guaranteed to be on port 3306 only (T178359)- check also scripts that assume default/no port (should be transparent for most people)
  • Your performance metrics (esp first paint) may have changed on Nov 2nd. This is due to a bug in our performance monitoring that we fixed on that day.
  • Please provide feedback on WikimediaUI (OOUI) icon overhaul at – plan to settle on set by next week
  • Last name of thiemowmde changed, can I get an LDAP update?
  • Special:Preferences was migrated to OOjs UI in wmf.10 (this week's train), this changes the prefs UI substantially



iOS native app[edit]

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:



  • Blocked by: N/A
  • Blocking: N/A
  • Updates
    • MP3 uploads enabled Soon™ on Commons
    • 3D product nearly ship-ready, heads-up for deploy coming at some point
    • Wikibase/MediaInfo work for SDoC is progressing slowly
  • Blocked by: None
  • Blocking: None
  • Updates:
    • Ops person back this week
  • Blocked by: None
  • Blocking: None
  • Updates:
    • automated Jenkins build for portal working well
    • updating documentation


Global Collaboration[edit]

  • Blocked by: nobody
  • Blocking: ops for Flow dumps (talked to Ariel and came to an agreement, but didn't have time to work on it last week with the holidays)
  • Updates:
    • RCFilters "live update" graduating out of beta in this week's train
    • On behalf of Editing: Special:Preferences migration to OOjs UI in this week's train, UI of Special:Preferences will change substantially


  • <section> tag code being tested.
    • Code in beta cluster.
    • Some fixes in progress based on tests. Unlikely to be deployed this week, unless we get everything merged and tested today.

Community Tech[edit]

  • Blocked by TechCom on global preferences
  • Not blocking
  • Our wishlist survey is in voting stage

UI Standardization[edit]

  • Blocked: icons overhaul, pls see below. New iteration got out end of second-last week, plan to settle by end of week – pls provide feedback
  • 7 new features, among those:
    • Allow adding virtual viewport spacing (Bartosz Dziewoński)
    • DropdownInputWidget: Generate a hidden `<select>` in JS (Bartosz Dziewoński),
    • MenuSelectWidget, PopupWidget: Automatically change popup direction if there is no space (Bartosz Dziewoński)



  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • Wikistats vetting almost complete, announcing next week
    • Prometheus driven metrics on druid -
    • Working on jsonrefine on eventlogging so eventlogging data that was up to now only available on MYSQL is available on Hadoop
    • Productionising Superset
    • Data on eventlogging slave back in compliance with privacy policy, master data still being worked on.


  • Not attending personally
  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • Still reshaping cassandra cluster to migrate to Cassandra 3
    • wikibase-addUsagesForPage job switched to kafka queue


  • Blocking
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • Callout above re: performance metrics changing on Nov 2nd.
    • Working with Mozilla on some perf regressions related to FF57
    • Working on identifying some issues related to Chrome 62

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • [MW Train] Reminder! This is your last few weeks of deployments for the year/quarter! No non-emergency deploys starts the week of December 18th.
    • [MW Train] The post mortem for T181006 (Watchlist and RecentChanges failure due to ORES on frwiki and ruwiki) is scheduled for December 7th.
    • [nodejs browser tests] CirrusSearch and Mobile are active with migrations.
    • [nodejs browser tests] Investigation of using mwbot instead of nodemw (javascript api interfaces to MW). CirrusSearch uses mwbot. We use nodemw (maintained by a Wikia engineer).
    • [ruby] We will upgrade rubocop (Ruby linter/static analyzer) across the corpus of extensions due to a security issue (pointed out by the new Github security issue notification service). We (WMF production and CI) are not affected by the issue AND we have officially deprecated our ruby browser test stack (where 99% of all rubocup uses/dependencies are) BUT we’ll do it :)
    • [techdebt] Wider conversations regarding SLAs/stewardship of components/software:
    • [techdebt] 2nd of the 3 tech debt series of blog posts (after the 0th introduction one on Code Health) is in drafting.
    • [CI] We’ve migrated almost all of the tox (python) jobs to the new container based CI infra.

Scoring Platform[edit]

Search Platform[edit]

Technical Operations[edit]

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Banners are up! Watching the money roll in
  • Mostly working on visualizations - our funky internal dashboard and more data for grafana
  • Helping fr-not-tech get good info, debugging campaign configuration
  • Deployed one low-level CiviCRM thing to deal better with database contention

MediaWiki Platform[edit]

  • Continuing on schema changes for MCR, etc...