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  • Biggest fundraising campaign of the year starts in less than two weeks - please double-check with fr-tech if you're about to do anything that might affect CentralNotice or donatewiki.
    • #wikimedia-fundraising on IRC, say the word "fr-tech"
  • If anyone hears anything about incorrect LanguageConverter behavior, please contact Bawolff (
  • Global Collab is working on a patch to apply change tags to all edits that have automatic edit summaries (including all rollbacks), if you think that's a terrible idea please speak up:



iOS native app[edit]



  • Neither blocked nor blocking
  • Finishing up some cleanup work on MediaInfo, nearly ready to go.
    • Will begin prototyping features once a working, stable API is merged and deployed to a labs^Wcloud site
  • Making progress on 3D legal issues - patents, dangerous items, items illegal in various jurisdictions, etc. - also nearly ready to go.

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • Continuing with Reading Lists
    • Continuing with summary, media, references endpoints
    • Considering turning off trending-edits endpoint


  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • Got a Jenkins job running that builds a new version of Wikimedia portals weekly



  • section-tag (and other patches bundled with parsoid html version 1.6.0) patches not going out this week after all since we don't have time to test thoroughly. Plan to merge patches tomorrow and spend this and next week testing and have it deployed week after thanksgiving.
  • Have been running a linter reparse script on terbium that lints every single page on every wiki -- this is useful / required to initialize linter issues for all pages on all wikis (and get rid of some false positives based on fixes over the last couple months). This hits Parsoid cluster on eqiad. This is a python script with 160 threads. The parsoid eqiad cluster load is < 10% with this req rate so no cause for alarm. But, just a heads for Ops (I added a SAL entry last night for this) and it is safe to kill the script at any point if there are any issues.

UI Standardization[edit]

= Global Collaboration[edit]

  • Blocked: by no one
  • Blocking: ops for Flow dumps, Roan didn't contact Ariel like he said he would last week, sorry
  • Updates:
    • RCFilters going to all remaining wikis (was not yet on FlaggedRevs wikis) at the top of the hour
    • Also deploying a UBN fix for RCFilters
    • Working on properly stripping tags from Parsoid HTML (T179978); anyone know why we wouldn't/couldn't use PHP built-in strip_tags()?
      • Never mind, Tim pointed out some bad behavior in strip_tags()
    • We are working on a patch to apply change tags to all edits that have automatic edit summaries (including all rollbacks), if you think that's a terrible idea please speak up:

Community Tech[edit]

  • Mostly busy with our Wishlist Survey




  • Not attending
  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • RecordLintJob transferred to kafka-based queue
    • Please upgrade services to node-service-template v0.5.3

Scoring Platform[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • Long slog of moving to the new cluster continues.
    • Thresholds will be available in mw-vagrant.


  • Worked on cergen: generic certificate management lib to use in puppet
  • Improving mediawiki history reconstruction after data vetting
  • Worked on cluster jobs to automatically load EventLogging data into Druid/Pivot
  • Migrated EL databases to new hosts db1107 (master) and db1108 (replica); managed to finish EL purging script. Data still in old hosts.
  • More wikistats2 work, refactoring for better breakdowns and designing map visualization.

Technical Operations[edit]

Search Platform[edit]

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Going into lockdown mode
  • More CiviCRM UI improvements
  • Investigated possible link betweeen mobile rendering slowdown and CentralNotice, CN didn't look like the cause:
  • Security patches for fundraising projects
  • Still working on sending more stats to prometheus
  • Talking with analytics about better ways to get banner impression and donatewiki hit stats