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iOS native app[edit]

Android native app[edit]

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • Blocked by:
  • Blocking:
  • Updates:
    • Gergo on vacation until Wikimania
    • Bernd on vacation until next week



Same as usual:

  • Preparation work for new page summary API
  • MCS is no longer using MobileView API (but still needs to be deployed)
  • Desktop print styles
  • Deploying Page previews to all projects but enwiki and dewiki (likely to be stalled until post Wikimania)


Community Tech[edit]

  • Deployed CodeMirror, then undeployed. Problems resolved, will try again soon.
  • LoginNotify coming next week.
  • Work continues on ArticleCreationWorkflow and GlobalPreferences

Search Platform[edit]


Global Collaboration[edit]

  • Blocking - WIP on Flow fix needed by dumps team
  • Updates
  • RCFilters - Various updates, especially regarding Live Update.
    • Bring back old vs new marker in live update
    • RCFilters: Show "from" link when live update is not available
    • Allow non-sticky filters to be excluded from saved queries
    • Correct label for "View newest changes" button
    • RCFilters: Remove new changes visual cue for Live Update feature
    • Fix overzealous addQuotes for rc_source field in rebuildrecentchanges.php
    • RCFilters: Prevent live update fetch if model is in conflict
    • RCFilters: Adjust styling of 'other review tools' button
    • RCFilters: Normalize 'limit' to minimum 0, like the backend does
    • RCFilters: Adjust server default variable names for limit/days
    • RCFilters: Normalize user-generated default values
    • RCFilters: set live update button title
    • RCFilters: Add vendor prefixes to loading animation
    • RCFilters: Add 'enhanced' view (Group by pages)
    • RCFilters: Normalize arbitrary values before adding them
    • RCFilters: Don't reload results for redundant requests
    • RCFilters: Add 'advanced filters' label to the view selection
    • RCFilters: Unsticky the 'limit' preference temporarily
    • RCFilters: Trim results to allow searching for spaces after trigger
    • RCFilters: Scroll widget to top when switching view
    • RCFilters: Pluralize 'show last X changes' message




  • snapshots 2017-07 of the mediawiki_history table is ready, and includes all wikis. This is the first time we have all wikis in this fully publicly shareable denormalized history of all edit metadata.
  • Ongoing work to rebuild kafka cluster, just upgraded varnishkafka to be able to use TLS
  • Found a small issue with the way kafka2sse (EventStreams) uses librdkafka, working on deploying now to scb. Until then, we may be losing one or two events there due to an interaction between varnishkafka and librdkafka
  • Still one person short due to paternity leave
  • Added continous integration to wikistats 2.0 UI, still evaluating usage of diffusion/differential over gerrit
  • Eventlogging purging ongoing, really slow on one of the slaves, we need to free disk space faster to not run into disk issues so older eventlogging schemas with loads of data not frequently used will be archived in hadoop. For example:
  • Waiting for reading Data analyst to vet family wide (* unique devices metric.
  • Upgraded Druid storage to 0.9.2 to be able to test metric calculation for edit metrics using data from Edit Data Lake, performance of groupBy is much better