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iOS native app[edit]

Android native app[edit]

Reading Web[edit]

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • Limit video transforms to videos to not affect audio
  • read-html endpoint + coming up with plan to lazy load reference information
  • Providing support to Reading Web for the OCG replacement work
  • Reading Lists RfC happening in a few hours:


  • No blockers, not blocking
  • 3D work proceeding apace, discussions with community to come - estimated to be pushed out next quarter
  • We have an eye on the MP3 discussions, but nothing currently pressing - no current rollout plan that I know of
  • Hiring process also continuing


  • No update.

Community Tech[edit]

  • Starting work on HTML5 section IDs
  • Testing/bugfixes for LoginNotify before wider deployment
  • Rewriting XTools
  • Preparing CodeMirror for deployment



  • Blocked by: None.
  • Blocking: None known.


  • Linter will be re-enabled on large wikis this week
  • Red link support is now on beta cluster. Now undertaking rt testing to ensure we haven't broken anything + will run visual diff testing later tonight. If nothing broken, will deploy to production next week.
  • Final reviews in progress for language variant support in Parsoid
  • We are hiring! -- please spread the word (and please ask them to read the JD and requirements ;-)).


  • Blocked by: None.
  • Blocking: None known.
  • Updates
    • Change to URL handling for RC Filters
    • A lot of in-progress work on RC Filters that's not merged yet


Contributors Design[edit]



  • Redundant Announcement: RCStream clients using will be deprecated on July 7th, we pinged everyone and offered help to move to EventStreams, but if anyone knows stragglers point them to us
  • Ongoing:
    • purging EventLogging data: most schemas done
    • preparing for Kafka upgrade
    • setting up project-wide unique devices for internal access: jobs productionized
    • first version of wikistats 2.0: using Crossfilter as the main data model

Cloud Services[edit]

  • No update.

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Blocked by: Nothing
  • Blocking: None we know of
  • Deployed Banner Sequence feature to Central Notice Monday, looking good so far
  • More CiviCRM <-> 3rd party mailhaus integration
  • Moving more stuff from MediaWiki extension to better-organized library
  • Better error handling for potential inadvertently duplicated donations

MediaWiki Platform[edit]

  • No update.


  • No update.

Release Engineering[edit]


Scoring Platform[edit]

Search Platform[edit]


  • Reviews:
    • psy/psysh use on WMF servers
    • Verification of whitelisted.yaml / graylisted.yaml
    • Auto-approval of low-risk OAuth applications
    • Ex:JsonConfig/Ex:Kartographer


  • Blocked by: none
  • Blocking: none
  • Updates:
    • Working on the minikube setup for container-based development environment
    • Automatic blacklisting in Change-Propagation deployed. Only logging for now

Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocked by:
    • No one
  • Blocking:
    • No one
  • Updates:
    • HHVM 3.18 has been deployed


German Technical Wishlist[edit]