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Productionizing code to count project-wide unique devices (unique devices on * Still working on eventlogging purging so data is in compliance with 90 day retention, should be done by end of quarter. Still working on prep work to replace kafka cluster and add TLS support, some kafka clients (like mediawiki) do not support this natively (this work will expand into next quarter) Added data for ops to druid: requests sampled 1/128, can be used for troubleshooting Pivot no longer open source: Confirmed that last open source clone of pivot doesn’t have any of the bugfixes we need (due to litigation pivot is closed source now), we will try to migrate users to Superset next quarter (similar but less optimal tool open sourced by Airbnb), that will eat time from our next quarter plans.



  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • Summary endpoint now contains HTML extract along with plain text
    • Working on an experiment with services kubernetes development setup




  • Reviews:
    • TemplateStyles is almost complete
    • psy/psysh use on WMF servers
    • Verification of whitelisted.yaml / graylisted.yaml
    • Auto-approval of low-risk OAuth applications
    • Ex:JsonConfig/Ex:Kartographer

Tech Ops[edit]



  • Warnings in place for pdf generation. Talks continue around backend.
  • Updating page previews to consume and render HTML previews
  • Page previews on Wikidata



Reading Infrastructure[edit]


  • No blockers, not blocking
  • Work on 3D progressing, though still waiting on proper reviews on design and usability

Community Tech[edit]


UI Standardization[edit]


  • No blockers/blocking
  • New feature in ContentTranslation: CX will allow publishing to User (or Draft if available) namespace easily.


  • Enabling saved filters in production. This has been gated off for a while, it is now moving to enabled along with the train (and some related bug fixes)
  • RC Filters fixes
    • Variety of UI fixes
    • A couple backend-of-the-frontend fixes
  • Echo
    • Fixed an exception in the Echo blacklist functionality (still dark-launched and only available on test wikis)
    • Another Echo bug fix
  • A few other small or not user-visible fixes


  • Linter is being re-enabled on large wikis next week - the core patch that blocked this has now been merged and will be deployed this week
  • Now that wmf2 is deployed on the cluster, we are ready to do final reviews of red link support in Parsoid, merge and test it.
  • Parsoid side patch to parse language variants is now going through final reviews.

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • No blockers/blocking AFIK
  • Offsite this week
  • Consolidation and improvements in config for SmashPig and DonationInterface
  • Usual onslaught of minor fixes for payment processor integrations
  • Deploy of CentralNotice feature coming up