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Call outs:[edit]

  • Security: status of TemplateStyles security review? (—from Reading eng.)
    • its almost done. will be done end of this week at latest --bawolff
  • Analytics: EventLogging purging script will be deployed before end of Q4.
  • Reminder: Default purging strategy for new schemas since July 2016 is full purge after 90 days. If you want new schemas sinc that date not to be fully purged after 90 days, please contact Analytics as soon as possible.




  • Bug identified last week causing stale content on the German WP main page. Thanks to Arlo and the Parsoid crew for the quick fix.
  • Beta release planned for late this week (for real). Finishing up final tasks now.
  • Next release will finalize the UI components for readling list syncing.
  • New engineer hiring process is underway. (The new eng will replace Stephen who is moving to Reading Web.)
  • Current release board:
  • Next release board:


  • Ongoing: Media Viewer improvements, bringing it in line with standards that didn't exist when it was written
  • Soon: 3D extension prioritization and fixes
  • Current work is largely stalled due to hiring process


  • Commencing work on Electron PDF. (cc Ops)
  • Clearing out backlog - with a focus on #wikimedia-log-errors (cc RelEngs)

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • compiling Page Content Service Data Inventory for HTML endpoint


  • attended Wikicite (after the hackathon)
  • Wikidata build is broken due to CI - it runs composer update. need someone to review jenkins-config change to add the ability to do composer install instead:
  • discussed at hackathon to move away from having the Wikidata build entirely and put our libraries into mediawiki-vendor


  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • Getting ready to test automatic RESTBase blacklisting


  • Reviews:
    • psy/psysh use on WMF servers
    • Verification of whitelisted.yaml / graylisted.yaml



  • No blockers. Not blocking.
  • CX new change in wmf3: User can now choose article publish destination in a better manner.


  • Waiting on the wmf2 train to roll out fully for some followup work / updates.
  • Linter patch to cache linter counts is still in review, but close to being merged. Once that gets in, and it rolls out, we will be able to re-enable linter on large wikis
  • introduces a piglatin language variant for easier testing of language variant code. Needs reviews. Bartosz might already be on it.


  • Continued work on namespace and tag filters for RCFilters
  • Followup and bug fixes on the new notification blacklist feature (now in Beta Cluster)
  • Working on tag validation for AbuseFilter


  • We found the issue in global unique devices count per top domain (*,
    • fixed it and data looks good after vetting, will be productionized in short.
  • Ongoing: Webrequest Tagging (portal, pageviewAPI, etc.)
  • Making progress on Wikistats2 front-end ( replacement)
  • CRing and testing EL purging script, we plan to deploy it before the end of the quarter.
    • Reminder: Default purging strategy for new schemas since July 2016 is full purge after 90 days

UI Standardization[edit]

This week:[edit]

    • Preparing urgent v0.23.0 with OOjs v2.1.0 dependency, bug fixes and further improvements around Promise-methods feat WindowManager
    • Continuos work on style guide build process, semi-automated SVG export
  • Updates:
    • OOjs UI:
      • v0.22.0 released with 2 accessibility and several other (UI) improvements, among those
        • Rename the 'MediaWiki' theme to 'WikimediaUI' for clarity on development focus
        • WindowManager: Add `WindowInstance` - a Promise-based lifecycle object (Timo Tijhof) and follow
        • Frameless button sizing equal framed ones is in
        • Passing ARIA tests from 13 up to 18
        • OOjs UI demos now with strengthened mobile experience, clearer sectioning and in-demo widget code for copy & paster


Meeting conflict, probably can't attend.

  • No blockers, continuing the work from previous one

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Civi / mailhouse integration
  • Dead session debugging
  • Fraud filter fixes
  • Moving all DonationInterface queue code into library
  • Preparing to move DonationInterface configuration code into library
  • CentralNotice new features ready to deploy