Scrum of scrums/2017-05-24

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Call outs:[edit]

  • Analytics is working on a script for purging EventLogging Mysql (for those of you who don't expect that, please talk to us :).





Wikimedia Deutschland[edit]

  • Very slow week. Many attended the Hackathon in Vienna, many still in Vienna for WikiCite. This Thursday is a public holiday, Friday typically a day off.
  • Wikidata team makes progress on the Lexeme UI.


  • Missed past 2 weeks - Apologies.
  • Last week we were in offsite + hackathon (2) - Yearly and preliminary quarterly goals have been discussed/agreed.
  • Ongoing: EventLogging to Hive code is in code review, we should have some tests soon.
  • Vetting Last_access_uniques for global sites (* is taking us long time because of unexpected data issues.
  • We just deployed Event Logging with better bot detection (bot events are not stored in Mysql anymore).
  • Reportcards updated to mark notable data events.
  • Pageview data in Druid is now updated hourly (less than 2 hours late).
  • Pivot (data visualisation for Druid) is not Opensource anymore, we need to find a replacement.
  • We are working on a script for purging EventLogging Mysql (for those of you who don't expect that, please talk to us :).
  • Druid and pivot currently not working due to upgrade.

Technical Operations[edit]


  • Blockers: none
  • NOT ATTENDING. nothing to report due to hackathon and vacations

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • More code cleanup and de-duplication as we move stuff from mediawiki extension to libraries
  • Fixing behavior of fraud filters on connection failure
  • CentralNotice deployment delayed on oojs-core library dependency, Andrew Green is talking to editing about a bugfix release
  • More Civi integration with third party email house



  • No blockers/blocking.
  • Work on ContentTranslation migration to OOjs UI continue.




  • Coordinating with Ops about a Flow dump issue



  • Continued work on RC Filters UX, especially regarding namespace filters
  • Work on Echo patches at the hackathon
    • Notification blacklist to block certain senders from notifying you. This won't be in production (other than testwiki) anytime soon, but we're working on getting it ready to test
    • Improvements to edit-user-talk notification, to also notify for subpages


  • No blockers
  • Recovering from Hackaton/offsite/travel
  • Working on upgrade to Elastic 5.3
  • Working on ML-enabled search ranking infrastructure