Scrum of scrums/2017-03-29

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Call outs[edit]





Community Tech[edit]

  • Unable to attend hangout due to poor WiFi in WMCON hotel
  • Collaborating with WMDE's Technical Wishes team in testing and providing feedback on prototypes of features both teams are working on
  • No other major updates, most of our team is out this week for WMCON or on holiday


  • Not blocking anything, waiting for some help from Services on deploying 3d2png, based on their recommendation to use the service template deploy method. Expect that to be done soon.

Reading Infrastructure[edit]


  • Last week: Reading Web off-site
  • This week: Reading off-site


UI Standardization[edit]


  • Blocked
  • Blocking
  • Updates
    • RecentChanges Filters
      • Port Wikidata to new RC Filters system.
      • Add conflicts (tracking which filters don't make sense together)
      • Continued enhancements to EventLogging for RC Filters
      • Deployed as Beta Feature to Polish Wikipedia and Portuguese Wikipedia
    • Flow
      • Fix for long-standing DB issue
      • Cleanup unused library



  • Work on OOjs migration for Content Translation continue.




  • Reviews:
    • 2FA for iOS continues
    • CodeMirror planned for next week
  • Meeting this week to discuss handoff of MW


  • Blockers: none


Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocking
    • No one
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • Work on switchover goal concluding this week. Services are being switchover to discovery URLs across the infrastructure
    • Precise Pangolin (Ubuntu 12.04) is officially removed from production (last instance done today) and the last few VMs that have not been migrated by their owners in labs will be forcefully shutdown
    • Removal of precise supporting code from puppet has begun.
    • HHVM 3.18 upgrade started, and then stalled. 3.18 follows strict Zend PHP 7.0 behavior, mediawiki code needs to be updated T161095
    • ganglia officially deprecated (since last Q), removal has started

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Blockers: none
  • Mostly focused on the job-runner script to replace Jenkins
  • testing on some simple jobs
    • Trickiest thing so far is streaming the subprocess's stdout to a file
  • More investigations about importing 3rd-party mailer data into CiviCRM
  • CentralNotice banner sequence feature:
  • More PayPal express checkout fixes


  • Now serving pagecounts per project from AQS (legacy metric) [still beta - subject to changes]
  • Finalizing the replacement of the reportcard using the mentioned new AQS metric and others
  • More work on the Wikistats2.0 prototype, adding visual stubs for all functionalities before asking for feedback
  • Deploying right now, replacing user agent string by user agent map in EventLogging