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Call outs[edit]





Reading Infrastructure[edit]


  • No blocking/blockers
  • Deployment work for Extension:3d stalled on deployment work for 3d2png. We're working through that now, and hopefully it won't take too long.
  • Obviously we're in a different section this week. Team is moving. More to come.


Community Tech[edit]


UI Standardization[edit]



  • Blocked
  • Blocking
  • Updates
    • RC Filters deployed to and Going to Portuguese and Polish on Tuesday.
      • RC Filters GuidedTour
      • Add ORES filters to new RCFilters
      • Allow the ORES extension features to be 'on' by default
      • RCFilters UI: Add a 'what's this?' link to filter groups
      • More RC Filters UI improvements. E.g.
        • Rework conflicts to be objects in filter or group context
        • Create tooltips for filter states


  • Linter now deployed on small wikis; Bugs being fixed based on feedback / testing; Likely deployed to medium wikis this week
  • Planning rollout of ParserMigration extension to let editors compare Tidy output with its replacement (RemexHTML).
  • Based on visual diff testing of a language variants patch in core ( ), we have identified some pages (primarily chemical element pages like enwiki:Isavuconazole and others on multiple wikis that use language variant markup that is being affected by this patch. We are thinking of updating the markup on these pages to nowiki the "-{" and "-}" that might be encountered there. Doing a dump grep to find these



  • finished productionizing edit reconstruction jobs, Data Lake tables in Hive now have a "snapshot" partition column and will be updated regularly
  • not urgent but blocked on people to review mediawiki-config and mediawiki-extensions changes:,, Especially 342913, which solves errors in production on every edit. Some people seem to review these in their own time, but it would be nice to have organizational support, or should we get +2 rights on our team and do it?
    • MF: Deployers have +2 for mediawiki-config. You may want to request at least one person on your team to become a deployer, for this and other reasons (e.g. running scripts and mwrepl in production).
  • ongoing: legacy pagecount metrics being added to AQS, will be queryable via the API soon
  • ongoing: wikistats 2.0 prototype with Vue, in a little over a week we are very comfortable with the framework, so great learning curve as advertised


  • Reviews:
    • 2FA login on iOS App
  • MediaWiki 1.28.1/1.27.2/1.23.16 nearly ready for release

Technical Operations[edit]


  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • Node.js kafka driver upgraded for all services using kafka (Change-Prop, Trending, EventStreams
    • Cassandra client encryption enabled in RESTBase Cassandra cluster:
    • Thanks to discovery maps updated to node 6 and the node migration is now complete


Fundraising Tech[edit]