Scrum of scrums/2017-02-15

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  • Finished rebuilding pageview API for resiliency (10x improvments on throughput and latency were done last quarter). A “programatic way to get pageviews” was one of the most requested items on community wishlist last year.
  • Still working with DBAs to get data from labs, working functionally, now working on performance
  • AB testing document design done, will publish design document.
  • Working on changes to parse user agent on eventlogging data so it is not raw in tables
  • Merged many patches to delete data aon hadoop on our 60 days schedule


  • Reviews:
    • PageForms
    • 3D extension
    • Internal File Server





Parsing team[edit]

  • No blockers
  • Starting to work on audio/video support in Parsoid (VE will follow)
  • Continuing work on language variant support, needed for zhwiki and others


  • Blocking
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • Continued improvements to RCFilters.
      • More front-end patches have been merged, e.g. handling for conflicting and interacting filters, AJAX support so results update immediately.
      • Back-end patch is up for review. This sends structured filter information to the client, and changes how RecentChanges and Watchlist filters are registered. It's still a WIP, but you might want to take a look if your extension uses or might use such filters:

Other changes in Collaboration-maintained extensions

    • Echo
      • Fix mentions failing editing empty pages
      • Use internal diff engine
    • Flow
      • Bottom-positioned toolbar


iOS native app[edit]

  • Last Week
  • This week
    • Continue work on 5.4
      • Location permission changes (friendlier prompt, users to opt-in instead of an intrusive pop-up)
      • Other bug fixes and enhancements



  • Last week:
    • 2.5.188 beta released; epicly low crash rates. Production is coming soon! (Final beta release likely today)
    • Mapbox library upgrade in progress (some issues with method limit)
    • Miscellaneous release time fixes
  • Next week ( ):
    • Continue improving the offline experience

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

Community Tech[edit]



Fundraising Tech[edit]


  • Still focussing on "federation" (allow using properties and items from an other Wikibase installation, needed for Commons) …
  • … as well as support for all the freedom new entity types need (for Wiktionary).
  • Enabled search engine indexing for a few ArticlePlaceholder pages.

German Technical Wishlist[edit]

  • TwoColConflict betafeature deployed to dewiki
  • Work on an extension to copy files to Commons from other wikis while maintaining file & description histories
  • Drafting a prototype for an improved Special:Search form
  • No blockers