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iOS native app[edit]

  • Last Week
  • This week
    • Continue work on 5.4
      • 2FA
      • Integrate design feedback for places, try alternate search suggestion methods


  • Current sprint:
  • Last week:
    • Page Previews fixes, schema changes.
    • Created Hindi versions of all three New Readers prototypes.
    • Deployed related pages to mobile French wikipedia stable channel.
    • Deployed related pages to mobile English wikipedia, 90% of the users.
  • This week:
    • Create Reading Depth schema: T155639
    • Spikes related to problems we're trying to solve from technical, design, and product points of view: phab:T156259, phab:T157071, and phab:T157071.


Reading Infrastructure[edit]

Mobile Content Service (MCS)[edit]

Community Tech[edit]

German Technical Wishlist[edit]

  • TwoColConflict extension deployed as a beta feature to
  • ElectronPdfService extension deployed to dewiki


  • InteriwkiSorting extension deployed to beta sites
  • We have test wikis for Lexeme (the Wiktionary project) and federation (the Commons project) now. Currently fine tuning them. Will publish links soon.
  • Working on MediaWiki wide support for social network sharing, looks like we must use a Twitter specific meta tag



  • Community consultation for feedback on Wikistats2.0 design and information architecture.
  • Official launch of EventStreams, providing RecentChanges. and RCStream continue to work but are now deprecated in favor of EventStreams.
  • Rack and setup of 3 new machines for AQS. The last one is being setup now, ETA tomorrow.
  • Banner activity pivot data set is now updated minutely via spark-streaming.
  • Changes in pageview data set: remove action=submit, new bot in regexp, new field - namespace_id (to be deployed today)



  • Security Reviews:
    • Extension:3d
    • Trending Edits Endpoint
    • OIT LDAP Tools (wrap-up)


Fundraising Tech[edit]



Product part 2[edit]


UI Standardization[edit]


  • Blocked - None
  • Blocking - None
  • Updates
    • Continued work on new RecentChanges front and backend.
    • Working with other teams to finalize ReviewStream spec.
    • Flow bug fix


  • Blocked
    • Security review for 3D extension (scheduled, thanks!)
    • Discovery could maybe help with a schema change for img_media_type - adding 3D media type, supporting filetype:3D queries in CirrusSearch.
  • Blocking: None
  • Updates
    • Firefogg losing support, we'll turn it off next week for UploadWizard
    • 3D extension nearly ready to go live, once we finish reviews and some polish, we'll push it out. Stay tuned!