Scrum of scrums/2015-12-23

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Mobile Content Service[edit]

  • Rolling out progressively for beta Android app
  • Pregeneration will be a speed win (prereq for stable channel app) - resume discussion in mid-January?


  • Nothing to report, final release of calendar year shipped


Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • Security: If you could squeeze in a look at and related patches (it's another thing needed for AuthManager that isn't "in" AuthManager itself), we'd appreciate it.


Technical Operations[edit]

  • Apologies, could not make it today
  • Blockers: none
  • Blocking: none
  • Updates:
    • cxserver update with Language Engineering
    • some outages in mathoid/citoid
    • code freeze week


  • CXServer moved to service-runner
  • standardised development and deployment == easier to maintain
  • EventBus proxy service deployed via Scap3 !

Release Engineering[edit]


Maps & Graphs[edit]

  • Re-imported database, attempting to automate data-updated
    • Had a short term maps outage
  • Waiting for Kartographer extension security check
  • Waiting for Ops for the 16 varnish servers

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • deployed ipv6 geolocation fix (thanks Timo!)
  • Central Notice translation bugfix
  • continuing CiviCRM and internal dashboard work
  • examining anti-fraud rules for existing and backup processor
  • investigating miscellaneous weirdness reported by donors


  • Continuing work on Echo notification, including cross-wiki and messaging refinements, and a multi-wiki MediaWiki-Vagrant setup to work on this locally.
  • Fixed a production issue with a page on English Wikipedia
  • We had a problem with Nuke in production that wasn't caught locally, so had to revert release branch. FIx is about to be merged.
  • That revealed our local setup needs to be closer to production. I started working on that. Preliminary step was to have MWV stop using root for DB access, which was planned anyway. Later we will have Flow and Echo use a separate DB locally.