Scrum of scrums/2015-12-09

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  • 2.1.135-beta-2015-12-03 published to beta only.
  • 2.1.136-* release candidate to be published as beta soon.
    • Only bug fixes and polish since v2.1.135.
    • New Wikipedia Maps promotion from beta to prod to appear in this release.
    • Final planned release of 2015.


Mobile Content Service[edit]

  • 10% of Android Beta App users use the RB based service for link previews (page summary) + page content

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • We're concerned that oojs-ui is what we're supposedly wanting to move UI stuff to, but oojs-ui is apparently unowned and development is blocked on T113681 with no one planning to work on it (and people are being encouraged to shove stuff into mw.widgets to hack around that block).
    • ApiSandbox is now theoretically blocked on Brad finding time to apply said hack, since we've determined oojs-ui isn't getting new functionality any time soon..



Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked by: none
  • Updates:
    • Migration from OpenDJ to OpenLDAP successful. Some minor wake from the migration, solved today
    • ops get their yuvikeys one by one
    • moving on with scaling alerting monitoring
    • drafting Q3 goals


  • Actively working with RelEng on Scap3
    • Current goal: set up AQS in beta
  • RESTBase v0.9.0 released
  • EventBus
    • extension emitting events now in Beta, after tests moving to prod (next week)
    • need security review
    • HTTP proxy service work continues (Analytics)
    • working on change propagation
  • CXServer move to service-runner
    • let's schedule the actual merge/deploy, Kartik, Alex
  • Goals for next Q:
    • finalisation tomorrow
    • if you have JobRunner jobs, we'd like to talk to you about moving them to the EventBus

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking: (none)
  • Blocked by: (none)
  • Updates:
    • Scap3 refactoring and tech debt cleanup
    • Rolling responsibility of cutting MediaWiki branches
      • Bear with noobs


  • Portal A/B test launched
  • Completion suggesters beta feature deployed soon
  • Working on Q3 goals
  • No blocking/blockers


  • interactive graphs are on the train -
  • Do not perform image quality reduction for any zero partners, or it may corrupt image URLs
  • Will push kartographer extension to beta cluster

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Tiny, conservative fixes to Central Notice and payments-wiki
  • Bunch of new visualizations for the internal fundraising dashboard
  • Dealing with interesting behaviors of the new CiviCRM verison
    • Actually upstreaming a bunch of fixes!
  • Watching donation streams and error logs
  • More testing of backup credit card processor
  • Gathering stats on donatewiki clicks
    • Will replace 3rd-party email performance tracking, which has been redirecting users through weird-looking domains

Community Tech[edit]

  • Wrapping up Wishlist Survey
  • Working on Gadgets 2.0
  • PageAssessments extension - need some help figuring out job/database scalability