Scrum of scrums/2015-10-28

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  • Beta release (v2.1.133-beta-2015-10-26) published October 26th. Promoted to production October 28th. Crash reporting is already proving useful.
  • Lots of volunteer contributions lately.


  • Ramping up to release internal Alpha soon
  • Closer to being able to evaluate API usage impact


Team has been on offsite - catching up with backlog. Web team has switched to its own release model for its projects to manage changes going out to production:

Content Services[edit]

Continuing to move to Parsoid instead of mobileview. The restrictions of this move are:

   * Having a harder time getting to the full URL of the spokenWikipedia article audio files. If anyone knows the right Parsoid calls to get the content of a File: page, like
   * no srcset attributes in <img> tags. We're relying on Parsoid to fix this.

Reading Infrastructure[edit]


Technical Operations[edit]

   * work on multi-instance Cassandra is ongoing
   * Starting to move cronjobs off of terbium for the migration to trusty (e.g. HHVM finalization),

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking:
    • T114694 Create deployment for wikimedia/portals: ongoing discussion on task, we're mostly ready
  • Blocked by: (none)
  • Updates:
    • Deployment tooling implementation continues
    • Investigating caching options for dependencies on isolated CI instances
    • MW release 1.26 Nov 20-ish
    • Continuing to dogfood arc/Differential
      • Starting a weekly meeting to address pitfalls/concerns


  • RESTBase:
  • some Cassandra health issues, working on them now
  • QG - High-traffic API
  • QG - EventBus
  • QG - API-driven front-end


  • Event Logging problems caused delays in data getting to analytics-store, backfilled as of yesterday, reports should be re-run for October 14 and 22 through 27
  • Pageview API had some storage problems and hiccups but we removed hourly resolution and it's up and available, go nuts! :)
  • We're looking at alternative data stores for the Pageview API (Druid and Elastic Search mostly, or a hybrid)
  • new pageview definition statistics are starting to be dumped on ... dumps: (empty until it rsyncs)


  • Revscoring review should be done this week, AuthManager/SessionManager scheduled for this week
  • Reviewing a bunch of CORS issues





  • - Issue with converting a specific post from HTML to wikitext with Parsoid - Parsoid team is already looking into it.
  • Working on the artificial primary key for Flow wiki and external references, for DB team.
  • Will soon be working on finishing Flow work for External Store
  • Work on the changes for cross-DC memcached is in progress
  • Other than that, working on various things, especially notifications and anti-spam


Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • About to throw the switch on CiviCRM upgrade
  • Assessing backup processors for December campaign
  • More work on fundraising-focused CentralNotice features


  • Revscoring blocked on privacy/security (security review)