Scrum of scrums/2015-10-21

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  • Nice release cooking with lots of library upgrades. Shooting for beta release this week.
  • HockeyApp crash reporting will be included the upcoming release.
  • Improvements to article language UI localization.
  • New session event logging provides better page view statistics.


  • Nothing to report yet. Still gearing up for internal Alpha release of next update

Content Services[edit]

   * missing srcset
   * missing information about audio file from spoken Wikipedia

Reading Infrastructure[edit]




  • Continuing prep work for Echo cross-wiki
  • Working on dumps
  • Working on unblocking Flow's side of multi-datacenter
  • Finishing feature to allow links in topic titles


  • Just finished successful offsite, have a number of RFCs for future work
  • Filed to request a dedicated server to run performance regression tests
  • needs input from language team so that we use each community's preferred localization for image options (&etc)
  • Content Services mentioned srcset support (which we discussed at offsite, scheduled for Q2), redirects (not sure there's really an issue there), and "spoken wikipedia support" (which requires more investigation/discussion)

Community Tech[edit]

  • No blockers
  • Preparing for Wishlist survey
  • Meeting next week to discuss work on Gadgets 2.0


Technical Operations[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]


  • RESTBase
  • now using x-client-ip sent by Varnish instead of XFF
  • AQS public API going live tomorrow
  • Mobile Content Service storage going in prod this week
  • EventBus


  • Revscoring review in progress
  • Secure code and sdlc trainings being scheduled
  • Static analysis tool comparison and lots of privacy conversations in progress



  • Working on multi-DC setup
  • A/B tests for common terms extended
  • Working on portal (, launched first A/B test
  • Start working on Relevancy Lab (link?)
  • Blocked
    • none
  • Blocking
    • none


  • About to update DB, will need to expire Varnish caches -
  • Need info about mobile/desktop Varnish setup (Brandon)
  • Yuri back working on Graphs
  • Maps are ready to move from Beta to production performance-wise for mobile maps


Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Testing CiviCRM upgrade
  • CRM logging, import and reporting improvements
  • Migrating on-wiki scripts used in CentralNotice banners to RL modules
  • Final tweaks for new Worldpay integration