Scrum of scrums/2015-10-14

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  • RelatedArticles extension no longer depends on CustomData. Plans to deprecate need for CustomData on production.
  • Test driving the Webpagetest instance from the performance team
  • Offsite in Europe next week


  • New beta release coming this week.
  • Working towards a HockeyApp resolution.


  • Still working on 5.0, plan to get ball rolling for Universal Links soon
  • Once 5.0 gets into beta, we'll need to start dicsussions about:
    • preview "impressions" logging
    • search + TE API usage in 5.0

Content Services[edit]

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

Community Tech[edit]

  • Still discussing possible work on Gadgets 2.0
  • Discussing possible uses of pagestats API


Technical Operations[edit]

  • Apologies, in offsite, whole team is practically unavailable for a meeting.

Release Engineering[edit]


  • Reviews: initial ArticlePlaceholder done, UrlShortener done; Revscoring this week
  • Security release this week


  • Mathoid integration - /media/math
  • Mobile Content Service storage to be deployed next week
  • REMINDER: deprecating bodyOnly (=> body_only) and scrubWikitext (=> scrub_wikitext) in tranform API
  • Reading - Web and Reading - Apps to define their common usages
  • Reading - Web will determine their best course of action (soonish?)


  • Event Logging outage this morning, still looking into it, Incident Report coming soon
  • Pageview API is being loaded with data but the public endpoint is caught up in naming / structure discussions



  • Apologies
  • Work on CX Suggestions continue.
  • cxserver -> service-runner in WIP.


  • Working with Services on
  • Continuing to roll out Flow opt-in to new wikis
  • Continuing prep work for Echo cross-wiki
  • Continuing Flow external store (blocks ops)
  • Continuing Flow dumps

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Processing new audit file formats from Amazon and Worldpay
  • Deployed another batch of Central Notice performance improvements and features
  • Testing data and patches migrated from CiviCRM 4.2 to 4.6