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  • Beta release (v2.1.131-beta-2015-09-28) published September 28th. This is the first release with _maps_ and the first without legacy support. Lots of UI improvements too.


Quick Surveys version 0.3.0 released Team focusing attention on Popups extension and other extensions inherited e.g. multimedia viewer (old maintainers please keep an eye out for pings on bugs/old patches) Team working on a "read more" feature

Reading Infrastructure[edit]



  • Working on Analytics assessment, results soon
  • Packaging openvas for PCI scanning
  • QA: Thanks for T114241! let me know if I can help..


  • Edit save time regression investigation
  • Excessive module invalidation investigation
  • Multi-DC meetings started, lots of new tasks :)
  • A lot of WAN cache and slave lag detection improvements
  • Blockers:
    • T94028: DB master connections requested by Flow on GET/HEAD requests
    • T94029: Spike: Avoid use of merge() in Flow caches
    • pt heartbeat table permissions

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking: T92871 (as of just now ;) )
  • Blocked by: (none)
  • Updates:
    • Deployment tooling implementation continues
    • First branch for 1.27 cut yesterday
    • Released MW-Selenium 1.6.1 (includes major fix to user factory)
    • Read [Engineering] Fix or delete failing browser tests Jenkins jobs

Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked by: none
  • Updates:
    • Ops will be having an offsite on the week Oct 12 - Oct 16
    • Jaime Crespo is requesting assistance on the compression of ES hosts and would like to speak with a dev. Anyone interested please talk to him
    • TLS for email since a couple of days ago.
    • Cassandra is replicating to codfw


  • RESTBase
  • various security improvements (save API, post storage endpoints) and bug fixes
  • purging code ready, talk to Ops tomorrow about caching endpoints for the Mobile Content Service
  • Helping Analytics around the deployment of their RESTBase instance - any day now, yay!


  • The IP Hashing bug has been fixed, we're sharing configs via etcd now, so Event Logging is parallel again. This means we can handle more throughput, come talk to us if you need that.
  • Andrew Otto is in San Francisco to talk about the Event Bus with all interested parties
  • Pageview API code is about to be merged on all fronts (puppet / code / deploy) and we'll be deploying it as we can over the next week or so. Shooting for October 9th but may slip if our access ticket is stuck. Ops, if you wouldn't mind taking a look at my last question on:


Community Tech[edit]

  • Citation Bot fixes are finished
  • UploadWizard update going out today
  • Preparing for Community Wishlist survey



Blocked on two Parsoid issues:

  • Finished converting Swedish Wikimedia chapter wiki from LQT to Flow
  • Will soon be converting ptwikibooks from LQT to Flow
  • Released Flow user talk opt in on, a few other wikis to come soon
  • Continued work on Echo (followup to notification split) and a couple Flow backend issues


  • Nothing significant to report that is relevant to this audience (deploys and bug fixes ongoing).


  • No blocker/blocking.
  • Work on improving suggestions continue.


Fundraising Tech[edit]