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  • Beta release (v2.0.111-beta-2015-09-16) published September 16th. This is the final planned legacy device release. \o/
  • Initial map patch will be merged when 2.0.111 beta is promoted to prod and released to beta soon.
  • HockeyApp crash report licensing in progress, implementation in review. Some nice legal guidance from Zhou Zhou and Manprit Brar.


Mobile site no longer has an alpha - just beta and stable Quick Surveys version 0.20 released Outstanding patches with -1 from collaboration team - please help get them merged. All our QA work for the quarter (browser tests per patch) summarised here Improved mobile support for pagebanners

Reading Infrastructure[edit]

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • CentralNotice: for banner history logging, more tweaks for performance, flagging logs associated with doantions, final review and other details for FR Analytics.
  • Various issues with payment processors, details of new integrations with Amazon and Worldpay.
  • Improvements in Major Gifts importer.
  • No known blocks or blocking


Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking: (none)
  • Blocked by: (none)
  • Updates:
    • Deployment tooling implementation continues
    • Slew of MW-Vagrant patches to be reviewed today
    • Nodepool working for one CI job \o/
    • Last branch cut for 1.26 this week, first branch for 1.27 next Tuesday

Technical Operations[edit]


  • We have multi-DC Cassandra!
  • Varnish purging support in testing
    • will need to enlist Brandon's help



  • Pageview API RESTBase endpoints back-end almost ready to merge, thx for the help from Services and Ops



  • Need help on: (Issue with scap/l10update not updating messages immediately)
  • Updates:
    • Suggestions enabled on en -> pt. Work on making them better continue.
    • CX has a redesigned 'Stats' page with new types of information (Special:CXStats)


  • Nothing significant to report today.


  • Incidents...
  • less library review nearly done
  • Analytics: security assessment next Tues
  • Ops: OpenStack 2fa next week