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  • Production release (v2.0.110-r-2015-08-31) with link previews published September 10th.
  • Android is switching to HockeyApp crash reporting.
  • Final planned legacy device release in progress.
  • We plan to introduce link preview content loading via the mobileapps service for 5% of users in a near-future beta release.


  • Will be following up with Analytics to adopt pageview/preload/preview header "schema" similar to Android
  • Conversation w/ Apple regarding iOS 9 "Universal Links" still ongoing, nothing to report

Reading Infrastructure[edit]



  • Deployments on track.
  • Performance: Work onging to enable the Parsoid Batching API in production (testing and bug fixes going on right now)
  • Testing: Visual diffing tool now usable in more contexts besides comparing Parsoid and PHP parser HTML output (email sent out on wikitech-l and engineering lists)


  • No blocker/blocking.
  • CX reached 20K articles mark
  • Suggestions getting deploy tomorrow;


  • Finishing up the separate references links table issue. There was an outage due a DB index issue, but that's resolved.
  • Continuing prep work for Flow dumps.
  • Working on some bugs related to Flow history
  • Doing planning for how to deal with Flow issues with the planned switch to multiple data centers, specifically in regard to indices.
  • Working on performance issues relating to Echo flyout change (which also changed it to use OO UI).


Release Engineering[edit]

Technical Operations[edit]



  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked by:
  • Updates:
    • Switched ORES away from python pip. Debian package repos mostly done. Timeouts and instability issues seem to be resolved.


  • blocked by tech ops. on naming and adding the 3 new analytics restbase nodes to a VLAN
  • bug in Event Logging caused inconsistent client IP hashing (same IP was hashed 12 different ways on the separate parallel processors). Mentioned on the list yesterday, fixed now. This applies to data collected through Event Logging from September 10, 2015 until September 16, 2015 (fix deployed around 16:38)


  • Suggester tests underway
    • Some sampling/bucketing issues, fixed now
    • Will restart the test with new bucketing scheme
  • Working on other ways to reduce zero results, such as relaxing constraints on common words
  • Blocking:
  • Blocked:

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Central Notice: performance tweaks, bug fixes, campaign logic mixins
  • Wrapping up work on new ways of integrating with Amazon and Worldpay

Community Tech[edit]

  • Wrapping up work on broken database reports on
  • Working on fixing Citation bot
  • Preparing community satisfaction survey


  • Yuri, ping - T98313, or is there someone else I should coordinate with?
  • Reviews: less library for perf this week
  • Please get reviews for next quarter in Phab now!
  • anomie
  • T109724 will still need Analytics / research input as soon as we figure out next step :)
  • Patch process: RelEng, your driving that?