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Wikipedia Zero[edit]

  • Exit interstitial




  • Beta release (2.0.109-beta-2015-08-21)
  • Good efforts by Antoine and team to get Jenkins Job Builder Android Emulator Plugin wrapper merged. CI tests are coming!
  • Nothing to report

Reading Infrastructure[edit]


Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocking: will ping ops again
  • Blocked by: None
  • Updates:
    • ocsp outage
    • phabricator outage
    • firewall goal coming along nicely
    • mailman project moving along. getting closer to getting an ETA, estimation 2-3 weeks
    • maps discussion about how we can start directing some traffic to the "trial" cluster


  • The cluster has recovered fully after the kafka upgrade
  • Pageview API stalled on discussions with Ops - Alex, have you had a chance to go over the notes I sent, and what's a good time for a meeting?
  • mforns (Marcel Forns) is trying to reach Sean Pringle to talk about Event Logging data cleanup, any help connecting them is appreciated, task:
  • Geowiki private data seems to be ok now, updated regularly, please check if you're a user


  • No blockers nor bloquees
  • RESTBase


  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked by: none
  • Updates:
    • debian packaging continues for moving ORES to production (Yuvipanda & Awight)
    • Huggle to use ORES (wmflabs server) to triage work -- load will increase substantially



  • Blocked: None.
  • Blocking: None
  • CX fixes continue.


  • Blocked-on-ops: any updates on the git deploy restart bug? ( T102039 ) alex: I 'll reping
  • Updates:
    • Additional work on issues
    • Upgraded express library in production (longstanding)
    • Parsoid Batching API extension now live in production -- preliminary tests using it to batch parsoid's api requests to the m/w api shows latency improvements; expect it to also lower load on the parsoid and mediawiki API cluster
    • Work in progress to deprecate parsoid's v1 API.
    • Work in progress to bring parsoid's API (v3) closer to restbase's api (to reduce the work needed in VRS in core to transform client requests to Parsoid or RESTBase urls). Once this is done, both v1 and v2 APIs will be deprecated and removed. Scott working with Alex (Krenair) and services teams to make this happen.


  • Finishing up Beta Feature to allow opting into Flow boards
  • In the process of adding the field to fix links table issues
  • In the process of converting to use the standard content model support. Some patches are already merged for this.
  • Will make a change to getParserOutput HTML for Flow



  • Two incidents occurred last week; handling is ongoing
  • No new security reviews
  • Automated scanning is being deployed to labs this week
  • Large number of changes to existing security bugs in Phabricator (tagging vulnerability types) to meet quarterly goal for security stats reporting

Release Engineering[edit]

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • CentralNotice:
    • Testing refactor and banner history log on beta
    • May deploy within a week
  • Converting Amazon payments forms from sunsetting Simple Payments to Pay with Amazon
  • Starting work on new method of integrating with backup / France CC processor
  • Writing import for donations made at events
  • Making recurring donation processing more robust