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Still working on 5.0, nothing to report.

Mobile Content Service[edit]


  • Working on using new Mobile Content Service routes in Android app.
  • Getting ready for a new beta release.


Working on quick surveys and various bugs for performance work and wrapping up removing alpha.




  • Blocked: None.
  • Blocking: None.
  • Apertium-APY memory leak issue fixed (T107270) (We're watching graph!) with help of upstream and Ops (Alex!). Thanks!
  • CX: Suggestions in Dashboard in Progress.
  • CX: Bug fixes deployed (Last week's help call: T108559) and team is working on it.


  • Current phase of HTML normalizations to generate "scrubbed" wikitext is now close to being done.
  • Combined with VE-side patches that Scott worked on, by the end of this week, we expected a reduction in <nowiki> added to VE edits.
  • Several link handling fixes (in the parser as well as the serializer).
  • Arlo is reporting a serious slowdown in core parser tests run and thinks is related ( and has a fix as well now: )


  • LiquidThreads->Flow done on!
  • Made a lot of progress on converting editors (used for new topics, new posts, editing description, etc.) to OOjs UI (almost done).
  • Had some watchlist issues, fixed now
  • Working on a new feature to allow users to enable a BetaFeature to convert their talk page to Flow, and then (if they want) back to wikitext.
  • Still working on a database change to fix issues with links table.
  • Also finishing up the change to use core's standard content model/handler functionality where possible.

Community Tech[edit]

  • Investigating 16 different community requests
  • Most of these are related to improving various gadgets and Tool Labs tools
  • Some of these overlap with other teams
  • Working with the reading team to figure out how to give Hovercards feature parity with navigation pop-ups.



  • no blockers
  • MobileApps service out in prod!
  • Working on multi-DC Cassandra set up

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking: (none)
  • Blocked by: (none)
  • Updates:

Technical Operations[edit]

  • Blocked: None
  • Blocking: None
  • Updates:
    • Mobileapps deployed in production
    • SCB ready to start migration of services from SCA


  • Pageviews - we want to standardize what we count as a pageview, asking here first for feasibility. Is there a way that we can standardize how we define a pageview.
    • (Apps don't always know the page_id of the page they're requesting; the discussion also extends to using page_title.)
  • Loss from Kafka - 15 hours spread over 4 days.
  • Need review from Ops for second puppetization
  • Geo down?




  • Internal scanning for FrTech in progress
  • reviews for Maps done; Mobile Server next


  • Not blocking anyone
  • Not being blocked
  • Couple of tickets but nothing in particular

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • CentralNotice:
  • Converting Amazon payments forms from sunsetting Simple Payments to Pay with Amazon
  • Investigating new integration method for credit card processing in France
  • Writing import for donations made at events