Scrum of scrums/2015-08-12

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Launched new release


  • Nothing to report


  • ResourceLoader work on making scripts async caused a bunch of problems on the mobile site.
  Would've been nice to get a heads up to plan for the team to get involved while planning the sprint.



  • Blocking: None
  • Blocked: None
  • Help needed:
   Missing 'contenttranslation' tags:

   Q: Why we need redirection for some wikis (nb -> no, dk -> da) Should it be removed?
  • Updates:
   Focusing on Publishing failures.
   Fixing Apertium MT service with help of upstream.
   Work continue on 'Article Suggestion' from this sprint.


  • Blocked-on-ops: (git deploy restart still broken for Parsoid deploys)
  • Continuing to focus on normalizing edited HTML received from Parsoid clients to eliminate / reduce <nowiki> insertions in wikitext
  • Scott is working on visualeditor patches to fix things on the VE end to reduce <nowiki> insertions in some cases
  • Ongoing work to replace Tidy with a HTML5 parser (see wikitech-l thread that Tim started)


  • Continuing work on OO UI
  • Finishing up LQT->Flow conversion on There is a memory leak, which we're working on.
  • Working on removing custom content model-related code to reuse core's support.
  • Working on database change for references (links tables)
  • Resuming work on database dumps
  • Starting Echo refactoring work and UI changes

Community Tech[edit]

  • Syntax highlighing investigation
    • conflicts with Editing team plans, need further feedback from CLs and TCB team
    • No security review needed for now
  • Spell checking
  • Navigation pop-ups (can it be integrated with Hovercards?)
  • Should we invite German TCB team?
    • They are working on adding category changes to watchlists and recent changes, should land soon



  • Another attempt to deploy Kafka, more carefully, resulted in data loss because of a bug in a java snappy lib. We've recovered and are no longer losing data, we'll report the outage on the list. For fun, check out the 7 day period on this dashboard: The problem starts on Monday, Aug. 10
  • we'll be submitting our RESTBase endpoints for review this week most likely (for the pageview API), will send pull request
  • not sure if we announced this, but our vital signs dashboard now has pageview totals over all projects, generated by clean new data and the new definition: (note the annotations explaining the kafka problems)


Release Engineering[edit]


  • RESTBase
  • Content WG to meet Thursday @ 19:45Z
  • Topic: Templates, Page Components & editing
  • MobileApps service to enter production this week!
  • For security:

Technical operations[edit]


  • Going to be inquiring about a "performance/security review" for ORES soon. Pointers & docs are welcome.

Reading Design/Research[edit]

  • Working on reading surveys
  • Redesigning (beginning phase) of navigation for iOS
  • Finalizing link previews for Android/iOS

(sorry I had to skip out, there was a fire alarm)


  • Security release this week, yay!
  • PCI work for FrTech
  • Maps review soon
  • Security scans in beta should start around the week of Aug 24


Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • CentralNotice:
  • Converting Amazon payments forms from sunsetting Simple Payments to Pay with Amazon
  • Making new PCI-compliant queuing more reliable
  • Writing import for donations made at events