Scrum of scrums/2015-07-29

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  • Revscoring outreach and language expansion. Moving towards productionization of the service & a beta feature. Talking with Gabriel and Faidon.
    • first meeting was on 2015-07-28, decided to move revscoring in prod and hook it up in RESTBase
  • Article recommendation app on Tool Labs: started hacking in Wikimania
  • Link recommendation in VE: discussions starting this week with Ed, Subbu, Nirzar
  • Opt-in/Opt-out options for communications with users (global, includes many teams)
  • Kicked off discussion on releasing browse traces with Chris.



  • Release of 4.1.7 maintenance update proceeding smoothly so far. Should hear back on regression tests today, app is ready for release.
    • Task is T106106



  • Apologies; Jetlag;
  • is issue and there will be more inputs after discussing with upstream and Alex K (when he is back). Until then, restarting apertium-apy is fine.
  • Work on Content Translation continue.


  • Deployed some (Parsoid) parsing performance fixes last week -- will evaluate results later this week by looking at grafana charts
  • scrubWikitext API param (normalzes HTML so that "good wikitext" is generated in some scenarios) is now functional in production after RESTBase started forwarding that from its clients. This should help with some of the nowiki scenarios that have been seen in some VE edits
  • "git deploy service restart" still broken for Parsoid deploys ( ) -- continuing to use a known workaround for it.


Community Tech[edit]

  • Still in limbo waiting for decisions on resourcing
  • In the meantime...
    • Looking at sharing backlog with WMDE TCB Team
    • Working on updating SecurePoll extension
    • Working on converting extensions to extension registration system



  • RESTBase
  • Plan to migrate SCA to Jessie -
    • citoid, zotero, graphoid, mathoid, cxserver, apertium
  • Would like to talk to LangEng
    • move apertium && cxserver to Jessie
    • basing cxserver on service-runner
    • usage of RESTBase and Parsoid API in cxserver

Release Engineering[edit]

Blocking: (none) Blocked by: operations


  • mwext-mw-selenium Gerrit/Zuul job now considered stable enough for general use
  • Co-hosted testing discussion last Monday
    • Grace and Dan to parse notes this afternoon for actionable follow-ups
  • CI isolation and deployment tooling work continues
  • Fighting some Beta Cluster instability at the moment

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • second round of full-scale testing Latin American payment processing
  • payments cluster upgraded to 1.25 without any big problems
  • CentralNotice refactor work continues
  • examining options for looming Amazon Payments changes
  • more work on replacing ActiveMQ with Redis


  • Continued work with services on T98533
  • Need DBA/Ops for T90300
  • Reviews: PageBanner, composer this week


  • Pageview API work starting (heads up to Services, we're looking to add endpoints to RESTBase but host the data on our own Cassandra cluster)
  • Scalable Messaging system kickoff meeting on Monday (please let us know if you want to join)
  • Wikistats requirements gathering starting (we're migrating away from old reports soon, need to know which reports are most important to focus on first). The discussion is starting here: