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Android app[edit]

  • Removed blocker for F-droid update: using Central Maven repo instead of custom Maven repo. Once we release a new stable version we should be able to get the app on F-droid updated.
  • Beta app 2.0.106 released on Monday 7/20:
 * Language selection in search bar allows faster language selection
 * Added link to mobile web at bottom of page
 * More material design: Floating Action Button for ToC
 * More consistent and accurate error messages
 * Onboarding with tooltips, now also covering ShareAFact


  • 4.1.7 release planned, but not for at least another couple weeks (still have work in the backlog, will update when it's closer to done/review)


  • Run browser tests on MobileFrontend and Gather patches (bot on wmflabs)



  • Blockers:
    • Waiting for WDQS hardware
  • Blocking:
  • Updates
    • Upgraded Elastic to 1.6.0, and working toward 1.6.2. Also looking at 1.7.
    • WDQS hardware is on the way
    • Working on WDQS upgrade to latest Blazegraph, with patches from us
    • Zero-results investigation ongoing: ES suggesters, NLP, dashboard, event logging
    • Transitional docs and procedures for Nik and James

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • no blockers / blocking
  • Fixing Latin American fundraising pipeline based on results of 1 hr all user banner test in Brazil
  • More import formats and fields for offline donations
  • Form tweaks for Japan
  • Reviewing and testing big CentralNotice refactor
  • Updating payments cluster to MediaWiki 1.25
  • General question: best fix for git-review deprecating global config files?

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking: (none)
  • Blocked by: operations
  • Updates:
   * Continuing to upgrade browser-test suites to use mw-selenium 1.x
   * Co-hosting testing workshop/discussion w/ TPG next Monday @ 9am PDT
   ** See announcement on engineering@ and/or staff calendar
   * Deployment tooling work continues
   ** Tyler showed off some progress at Wikimania:
   * CI isolation work continues

Community Tech[edit]

  • No blockers
  • Working on internal processes for team
    • Hoping to get help from Team Practices
  • Removing sajax from SecurePoll (
  • Discussed sharing work backlog with German Chapter Community Tech Team


  • Working on rescuing Flow text from impending destruction (external store recompression)