Scrum of scrums/2015-06-24

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  • Release 4.1.5 this morning EDT! No longer crashing on startup in Norway (and potentially other countries).


  • Expect beta release today or tomorrow. Production release ~ a week later.
    • Tabbed browsing will be feature flagged to beta release only


  • No cross team dependencies

Fundraising tech[edit]

  • Worked on this past week:
    • Refactoring CentralNotice bannerController and the API offered to banners (related to performance improvements and work towards logging a sample of banner history)
    • Queuing changes for improved isolation for PCI requirements
    • A/B testing data in FR dashboard
    • Upgrade version of wm-core on payments wiki
    • Tweaks, details and minor bugfixes: Astropay, Global Collect, CIVI, popups and layout on payment
  • Next week: more of the same + some FR dash features
  • No blockers, no known blocking coming up



  • Blocking: none
  • Blockers: none
  • Updates
    • New team member: Bob Flagg, Relevancy Engineer
    • Incoming team member: Mikhail Popov
    • Brainstorming improving responses to future Elastic problems
    • Brainstorming plans for Q1 goal: reducing "zero search results" (or "recall") rates

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking: (none)
  • Blocked by: (none)
  • Updates:
   * Thanks to ops for helping us to remove NFS dependencies in Beta Cluster and Integration slaves
   * Beginning implementation of next gen deployment tooling based on outcomes of deployment working group discussions
   * Breakthrough on nodepool setup for CI isolation (woot!)
   * Working on Gerrit/Zuul jobs that will run a subset of browser (end-to-end) tests for MW extensions
   ** Also new "user factory" feature in MW-Selenium to help with creating account fixtures
   * Still hiring for Automation Engineer




  • Blockers: none
  • Updates:
    • Semantic accuracy in round trip testing now at 99.95%


  • All real blockers to LQT->Flow migration on have been resolved. We would like ops to look at so we don't need to worry about luasandbox disappearing, but it's not really a blocker currently.
  • Mark as resolved is done
  • OOjs UI work continuing
  • Only one remaining blocker to putting Flow on a Catalan Wikipedia namespace.


  • Short 30 minute Event Logging loss of data while we were testing migration from ZeroMQ to Kafka. We're backfilling the data
  • We're auditing Event Logging schemas so we can delete old and unneeded data, have reached out to all the owners

Technical Operations[edit]

  • Big Labs NFS outage last week
  • Postmortem live; multiple corrective actions taken
  • HTTPS deployment progressing. HSTS at 14d now, optimizing/securing further.
  • RESTBase + Cassandra woes (combination of hardware issues & premature/poorly planned upgrades)