Scrum of scrums/2015-06-17

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Roadmap Board[edit]

Greg holds a meeting on Thursdays to surface potentially conflicting deployments. It's helpful if release cards are tagged and put in the right column at


  • Blocking: none
  • Blockers: none
  • Updates
    • Discussing labs vs. production for WDQS
    • Showcase presented on 6/15
    • ElasticSearch outage on 6/15



  • parsoid update jobs have been turned off
  • deploying 3 new cassandra servers
  • new hire starting this week

Fundraising Tech[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking: (none)
  • Blocked by: (none)
  • Updates:
   * Deployment working group formulated some concrete project goals for next quarter
   * Continuing work on identifying/refactoring/removing flaky tests
   * Met with TPG yesterday on plan to address testing pain points
   * Thanks to ops for work on OpenStackManager, allowing us to move forward with nodepool and isolated CI
   * Still hiring for Automation Engineer


  • Nothing significant to report.
  • Monday deploy was cancelled because VE was broken in beta cluster.
  • salt is apparently broken which affects Parsoid deploy today -- but may have workarounds with help from ops.


  • Event Logging looked weird in graphite but the database looks fine, we're investigating
  • Pageview API privacy discussions underway
  • Progress on moving EL to kafka


  • Blocking: none
  • Blocked: none
  • python-etcd ready
  • Weird salt bug, blocking parsoid deploy. Will be fixed before deploy time
  • etherpad moved to etherpad1001 Jessie VM


  • working on citoid bug (thanks marko!)
  • T99941 - Ops working on it, thanks!
  • I'm working on mobile centralauth patch

Android app[edit]

  • Getting close to running Android tests on emulator in Jenkins
  • Going to ask ops to get mobileapps node.js service to be deployed to SCA (using Parsoid HTML output), sending request next couple of days:
  • Let user choose Chinese language dialect
  • Added tabbed browsing

Collaboration Team[edit]

  • Almost done OOjs UI TOC and 'Mark as resolved'
  • Continuing work on blockers to LQT->Flow conversion
  • Continuing work on blockers to deploying Flow to a whole namespace on Catalan Wikipedia