Scrum of scrums/2015-05-27

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Technical Operations[edit]

  • Conversations about the etcd cluster in eqiad
  • Scaling puppetmasters @ EQIAD


Search and discovery[edit]



  • More code cleanup work last week -- we've done a lot of that this quarter.
  • Spent half a day last week updating Parsoid docs -- work-in-progress.
  • Heads-up: we would like to start deprecating the Parsoid v1 API -- Scott is working to get VE and VirtualRestService to use Parsoid v2 API only.
  • subst: support for translclusions has landed in the Parsoid API (both v1 & v2) -- will get deployed today. VE and other editing clients could use this API support to implement PSTs.
  • After some more work on the roundtrip testing script to eliminate false positive semantic error reports, at this point, 99.93% of pages roundtrip correctly without any semantic diffs. A large fraction of the remaining 0.07% diffs are because of broken wikitext. So, we are close to being done with the toughest part of the long-tail in roundtripping wikitext, and can now once again focus on rendering accuracy so that Parsoid HTML can be the default read HTML.


  • Working on releasing 4.1.4
  • Had good discussions about apps CI at hackathon, will follow up w/ next steps soon


  • Jon Robson working with Gilles on performance improvements

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Hackathon cleaned up some quirks
  • What's the plan for translation in Mustache?
  • Cache refactor continues
  • CentralNotice mixins
  • Donation form error display
  • Starting on internal dashboard a/b testing results


  • Event Logging more stable now after last patch, no problems since deployment
  • Team focusing on the Pageview API, Uniques, and moving Event Logging to Kafka
  • Dashiki refactor improves modularity and adds a clean build system