Scrum of scrums/2015-04-15

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Search Team[edit]

  • Continued work on RDF dumps: complex value support, transformations, segmentation
  • Prepare for Wikidata Query Service version 0.0.1: Puppet scripts, Labs infrastructure, packaging for distribution


  • SULF is happening today, watch for funkiness, but nothing too concerning. legoktm is all over it.
  • marktraceur's working on OAuth interface stuff, could use some support from OOUI people - phab:T85291 is blocking most of it - will keep bothering matmarex et al. in async


  • working with Ops on the deployment of Graphoid and MobileApps service
    • ETA end of April
  • efforts to make RESTBase accessible via * domains to speed up VE page fetch
  • very good collaborations with Ops and RelEng re service deployment pipeline


  • Graphoid review done, services security coordination in progress
  • Patches on cluster, releng working on a better procdess
  • iSEC report publishing next week

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Deployment working group met again to discuss future deployment requirements
    • First meeting with Marko. Been very productive, Marko highlighted issues Service team had/have with Trebuchet
  • By-team browser testing dashboard early prototype
    • Needs deployment to labs instance and feedback from possible consumers


  • Continue work on preparing LQT migration for, test conversion of 2 pages turned up a few bugs to work on
  • Continue work on search in flow boards
  • Data loss issue last week, recovered 99%+ of data. Looking into final 60 missing revisions (out of ~27k)
  • phab:T93856 - Mobile blanking out mediawiki.skinning.content.parsoid makes external links invisible with Flow on mobile web


  • Week of CX bug fixes!
  • No dependencies.

Facilitating: Dan Andreescu


  • phab:T72068 Jenkins: Re-enable lint checks for Apache config in operations-puppet
    • Andrew Bogott offering to help review, no movement from antoine
  • phab:T88798 Jenkins is using php-luasandbox 1.9-1 for zend unit tests; precise should be upgraded to 2.0-7+wmf2.1 or equivalent
    • unsure of status.
  • phab:T88366 Some traffic is not identified as Zero in Varnish
    • no movement, but none expected.


  • Event Logging problems: we discovered that daily, hours of data go missing without a trace in any logs, investigating

Fundraising Tech[edit]

Mobile Web[edit]

  • Updates to Gather
  • Nothing dependent on other teams


  • Launched Wikipedia for iOS v4.1.0


  • Logging should be in force on group 0 servers today, presuming standard MW code deployments