Scrum of scrums/2015-04-01

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   EL: events that are too long are not being sent as varnish (not varnishncsa) cannot process them:
   Issues with ganglia setup in labs and puppet are resolved, they were preventing us from running puppet in our instances.
   Webrequest tables in hadoop /hive now include processed user agents and parsed x-nalytics fields for easy querying
   Working on usage of scala/spark on the cluster
   VE data coming in for analysis, still gathering data

Will do:

   More spark/scala setup on cluster
   VE analysis of incoming Eventlogging data
   Working on getting metrics for mobile sessions for apps
   waiting on CR of the last-access-cookie changes on varnish:


  • What has your team done since we last met?
    • rolled out new header design (not finished yet)
    • further work towards getting usage tracking in shape for rollout


  • Android app update went live, iOS update coming soon

Mobile Web[edit]

Added documentation for client-side HTML templating in core (mustache) - Gather (user article lists) will be turned on on English Wikipedia today




Q4 roadmap:



  • Release is out!
  • Training soon
  • Working on Graphoid review
  • Team building / hiring / etc
  • Ops -

MediaWiki Core[edit]

  • This team (and Multimedia) is no more! Now we have:
    • Availability (Aaron and Gilles)
    • MediaWiki API (Brad, Kunal, Mark, Gergo, Bryan [when not pretending to be a PM])
    • Performance (Ori) <-- hiring for FE performance
    • Search (Nik, Stas, James) <-- hiring here too
    • Security (Chris) <-- still more hiring
    • Tim has joined the Parsoid team which will at some point be called the Parsing team


Not going to lie, we're just getting started, not sure I can say anything helpful.

  • Mark delving into OAuth - harassing VE people about OOUI documentation as usual, but no other blockers
  • Kunal continues to focus on SUL Finalization
  • Brad continues to work on AuthManager RfC implementation (and all the normal Brad stuff)


  • T92324 Review Jenkins isolation architecture with Antoine
  • T72068 Jenkins: Re-enable lint checks for Apache config in operations-puppet
  • T88798 Jenkins is using php-luasandbox 1.9-1 for zend unit tests; precise should be upgraded to 2.0-7+wmf2.1 or equivalent
  • T88366 Some traffic is not identified as Zero in Varnish

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Getting help on fundraising vagrant role
  • interviewing candidates
  • no blockers


  • T91805: pluggable talk page poster for