Scrum of scrums/2015-03-11

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Facilitating: Grace Gellerman


  • Event Logging validation: events larger than ~ 1100 bytes are not getting through varnish. We will change client code to raise an exception for such events, please be aware going forward.
  • Event Logging backfilling for data lost at the beginning of February is complete. Please re-run any analysis for that period.
  • Dashboard problems since Feb 19th are fixed. Some graphs still appear broken, ping milimetric if needed
  • SoS notes: if Dan is not around, could someone else take care of it?


MediaWiki Core[edit]


  • Finishing fix for the last bug (T85848) before the next release / publishing the iSec report
  • Finished review of statsd-php client
  • Hiring


  • <-- blocked on Ori. Someone bother him for us?
  • Sentry blocked on puppet and packaging, but tgr can do it if releng is busy.
  • Timo working on Sentry blocker that is in MW-core. Thanks Timo.
  • OOUI updated for our work on PDF file warnings, thanks to Roan and Trevor and James for being helpful.

Release Engineering/QA[edit]

  • Browser tests involving overlays are failing for Chrome because of what seems to be a Selenium bug, affecting MobileFrontend, Echo, VisualEditor at least. We're working on getting those tests passing again in Jenkins.
  • Card wall "Continuous integration - CiviCRM" Is this still blocked? Nope! Great, I removed the "Blocked-on-RelEng> tag.
  • Card wall "Create basic puppet role for Sentry" is marked blocked on RelEng but only because RelEng wants to keep current on the issue.


  • Nothing major to report in terms of blockers.
  • Continued to whittle away at VE Q3 blocker bugs. Several fixes being deployed today.
  • Q4 planning in progress.


  • Finished code changes for ContentTranslation for the parsoid ref format change
  • Not much progress on Translate page translation issue (we have been busy)

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Good progress towards CiviCRM CI
  • PCI compliance paperwork
  • Deploying some of the bigger DonationInterface refactoring
  • CentralNotice: got a plan for moving banner js to reviewed RL modules


Mobile Web[edit]

  • Client-side HTML templating in core - stalled due to disagreement
  • OOjs UI and MediaWiki UI syncing - making progress


  • RESTBase announced, yey
  • Talking to Mobile Apps for their service, should try a deployment soon
  • Integration with VE on its way (just some some minor config changes to deploy left)
  • Citoid moving forward, should be in prod very soon