Scrum of scrums/2015-03-04

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Facilitating: Grace Gellerman





  • Some languages missing from our dashboard - Dan is already aware
  • Translate's page translation has gone extra wonky on production - no longer possible to mark some page for translation. I am out of ideas what could be going wrong, so I'd appreciate any help to debug the issue.
  • We tested the parsoid ref change - it seems some work needed from our side


  • Still working on T78730 (Manually verify whitelisted.yaml / graylisted.yaml to ensure completeness)
  • Hopefully facebook will fix T85848
  • Hiring


  • No blockers on anything.
  • Deployed DOM spec change for <ref> tags on Monday and everything still good in VE land as expected.
  • Nothing more notable to report - continue to fixing VE Q3 blocker bugs and deploying them.

MediaWiki Core[edit]

  • AuthManager RfC out of draft and ready for review (review today on irc)
  • Work on utfnormal library continuing with help from Brion
  • Preparing data and scripts so that SUL account name change notifications can be sent
  • BlazeGraph announced to ops-l as WDQv2 backend choice pending some final verifications
  • Ori worked with both Sean and Ops on EventLogging maintenance work (db master change and new nodes provisioned)
  • Ori deployed HTTPS capability test

Fundraising Tech[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]

* no blockers currently
* staging cluster with uptime metrics in progress
* figuring out tarball releases
* ongoing work on disposible VMs for CI (slated for July)
* researching per-team browser test dashboard


  • Roan in Europe this week and next week
  • Breaking change release of OOjs UI later today or tomorrow
  • Breaking what?
  • Parsoid reference change was deployed on Monday, exposed a bug but we fixed it quickly