Scrum of scrums/2015-02-25

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Facilitating: Grace Gellerman


  • What has your team done since we last met?
    • enabled access to interwiki links via Wikidata for Wikibooks
    • worked further on UI redesign
    • support for query development
    • meetup with Query team in Berlin
  • What will your team do before we meet again?
    • more for UI redesign
    • Wikidata Vagrant improvements
    • Further working on unit support

MW Core[edit]

  • More work on re-enabling Logstash on prod cluster; config patch currently blocked on review
  • WQS team visited Wikidata in Berlin
  • WQS closing in on selecting a new backend solution
  • GlobalUserPage deployed to all wikis
  • utfnormal being extracted as a Composer managed library by Kunal with help from Brion
  • AuthStack AuthManager RfC being worked on; hope to announce on wikitech-l this week
  • Progress continues on Multi-DC project



  • VE performance work proceeding
  • Parsoid is fixing bugs, Alexandros is working no Zotero, all moving forward
  • Roan in Europe the next 2 weeks
  • James F in NYC tomorrow and Friday


  • Timing stats enabled in production for Parsoid for the wt2html and html2wt api endpoints. Nothing unexpected showing up.
  • Parsoid can now handle one more (last one?) unspported templated table-cell scenarios that were an uneasy fit with HTML DOM semantics ( ) -- change deployed Monday, Feb 23rd.
  • Next Monday (March 2), we will push a change to production that changes the DOM spec for <ref> tags ( , Unmerged patch: ). Announcement made on wikitext-l. VE will be deploying changes this week to accept new output. Content translation: please confirm that you are aware of and can handle this change.


Fundraising Tech[edit]


  • No blockers as far as I know
  • Sentry work continues
  • New UW browser tests pretty much all merged and set to go; very exciting; thanks Chris


  • Need multimedia input on T89745 / T89744 (blockers for the next release), T90300 as there's time
  • T78730 is in progress; will return to Aphlict soon for release eng


  • T76986 RESTBase production hardware - 5 of 6 ready - moving along - one faulty controller
  • T76308 Zotero not running in production - Alex says he will have time this week it has moved along but not very fast
  • codfw mediawiki installations
  • SSL optimization/changes


  • T54728 Need performance review of Special:SupportedLanguages
  • T88538 Index change for CX, added tracker bug, unclear how the process goes from that
  • We are going to experiment. We are planning to show invite to try CX when users are creating new articles.


Mobile Web[edit]

  • Server-side HTML templates in core
  • Client-side HTML templates stalled in review
  • More WikiGrok and Collections work
    • Hoping to hear about WDQS updates
  • Still need Bug T88449 fixed (button styles differ between OOjs UI and mediawiki UI)