Scrum of scrums/2015-02-18

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Facilitating: Grace Gellerman

Release Engineering/QA[edit]

  • working on a lot of quiet infrastructure stuff recently
  • no blockers or issues


  • T87824 Create specialised content API for mobile apps: kickoff meeting rescheduled to 24-February


  • Lots of patches on the cluster
  • working on T78730, finished reviews of mustache (mobile web) and bouncehandler (ops)


  • OOjs UI 0.7.0 was released last Wednesday, will be in wmf18; contains a breaking change but that shouldn't affect most users
    • As of 0.7.0 you can use $() instead of this.$() and you don't have to do { $: this.$ } any more
  • wmf18 fixes our stripping of <div id="myEventWatcherDiv"> and related plugin garbage, will be backported to wmf17 in SWAT today
  • wmf17 has native arrow keys, wmf18 will have native backspace/delete (awesome work by David Chan)
  • T88650 ( support for references) will be in wmf18


  • VE-focused work
    • T88660 to be deployed today. Parsoid will now generate references even if is missing (to match Cite.php), but non-selser roundtripping will add it back to wikitext (dirty diff). Selective serialization (selser) should take care of preventing these dirty diffs. RT testing shows 100+ pages (of 160K pages we test) missing this tag. A good way to improve my edit count on multiple wikis. :)
    • T89411 fixed v2 API issues that blocked RESTbase
    • Christy (OPW intern) added statds timing code to wt2html and html2wt paths -- will be enabled next week after testing in beta labs and verifying sanity of reported numbers
    • T88495 being reviewed and will likely be merged soon
    • A few other tasks closed or have WIP patches

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • PCI consultant in the office from 24th-26th
  • deploying fix for extra Central Notice redirects on mobile
  • more of the usual work on internal dashboard, audit parsing, and CRM extensions


  • (conflict today, cannot attend)
  • Adding support for more languages
  • Working on support for Yandex machine translation (testing)
  • Cleaning up various production related issues
  • Nothing blocking; no cards on the wall for us
  • Joel will finish MediaWiki-Vagrant role for CX this week.
  • Note: Joel's last day at WMF is Friday, February 27
    • Someone else will take over SoS duties starting next week

MW Core[edit]


  • Sentry dependent on core JS, ops, but not blocked (thanks Krinkle)
  • Crazy bugs over the last week with StatusValue, AaronS, caught it before it went to Commons
  • Lots of browser testing on UploadWizard coming in the next week or so! (thanks chrismcmahon for the help)


  • Event Logging events are no longer being dropped, backfilling is under way
  • Asked for help with design on VE dashboard - got it from Pau (thank you)
  • Asked for help with EL bugs / infrastructure - got some help from Matt F. (thank you) but still need someone to help us upgrade Vanadium (Ori was thinking about working on it)



Mobile web[edit]

  • Gather was deployed to betalabs yesterday
  • GeoData schema change coming soon, already reviewed by Sean
  • WikiGrok works continues, nothing remarkable