Scrum of scrums/2015-02-04

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Facilitating: Grace Gellerman


What has your team done since we last met?

  • Worked on file based caching for sites
  • Worked on blockers for deployment header UI redesign
  • Prepared deployment of usage tracking
  • Attended developer summit

What will your team do before we meet again?

  • Further work on file based caching for sites
  • Get header redesign reviewed and merged
  • Deployment of usage tracking

Is anything slowing your team down or getting in their way?



  • Made progress with VE performance work
  • Need Parsoid and RESTbase work to achieve more performance gains
  • Ops (Alexandros) working on getting Citoid packaged and up; also need to talk to Chris S about security
    • Roan will work on getting these dependencies into tickets on the SoS board
  • Released OOjs UI 0.6.6 today because 0.6.5 turned out to be pretty broken


  • New: (Services working it) T88458 Create template / blueprint for RESTbase and Node.js service composite
  • Existing: Depends on T88458: T87824 Create specialised content API for mobile apps
  • Existing: Topic for discussion: T86982 generator=search API should return information about search suggestions, like list=search does
  • Adam B checking on what "T1221 Enhanced search" was about :)
    • (milimetric) this sounds to me like the idea that morphed into Wikidata Query



  • Working on post-deployment fixes for Content Translation
  • Working on release planning and sprint scheduling for next Content Translation release
  • Still working on beta-enablements dashboard for Content Translation; will follow up with Dan/Analytics
  • Working on our own statistics page that is part of Content Translation extension
  • Started on testing additional machine translation services (Yandex)


  • Working through security bugs in core and extension - see /home/csteipp/CurrentSecurityPatches if you need to reapply patches
  • Next reviews: T78730, raven (multimedia), ApiFeatureUsage

MediaWiki core[edit]

Wikidata query[edit]

  • Wikidata query has major setback; Titan project likely dead; will need to re-evaluate platform

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Continuing to clean up DonationInterface, deploying improvements so far
  • More prep for new Latin America processor
  • Looking at ways to reduce / eliminate RecordImpression requests from CentralNotice
  • More persistence work for internal dashboard
  • Fun with glitches and format changes in nightly audit files from processors



  • Geocoding UDF deployed
  • officially no longer using udp2log
  • Faster HIVE table with isPageview flag based on the new definition
  • work on generateRandomSessionId - not always random :)
  • Funnel Visualizations prototype, take a look and let us know if your team is interested:

Mobile Web[edit]

  • Working on Collections and WikiGrok projects (experimental)
  • Titan has been killed! Need to figure out a new way forward for Wikidata Query Service
  • Working on integrating lightncandy with core code
  • Hoping to get UI styles merged (bugs filed for Prateek)
  • CentralAuth problems


  • Preparing to move forward on additional Flow deployments (Catalan Wikipedia,
  • Trying to push forward and get backend search done. Requires review by search team (T78789)