Scrum of scrums/2015-01-14

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Facilitating: Grace Gellerman


What has your team done since we last met?

  • Deployment of new Sitelinks UI
  • Tried to roll-out usage tracking but decided not to enable it yet because of issues. Will try again with next deployment.
  • Provided input for the WMF Query-Team on requirements and data-model for query backend.

What will your team do before we meet again?

  • Second try rolling out usage tracking
  • UI-redesign of header area
  • Further work on how to indicate that a label is coming from a language fallback
  • Further support of query-team

Is anything slowing your team down or getting in their way?


  • data for most metrics and projects is now available in Vital Signs (labsdb looks healthy again)
  • new columnar-stored table of the webrequest logs available on Hadoop, improves the performance of some queries ten-fold (the less columns you need the better)
  • holding Event Logging office hours today and a workshop during Mediawiki Developer Summit


  • Sentry is now vagrantized, so that's a big start towards puppetizing it for beta.
  • Decent testing for UploadWizard exists, more on the way
  • Performance testing revealed that chaining and prerendering thumbnails basically did nothing, so we turned them off.


  • Content Translation in process of being deployed to selected language Wikipedias! (11-12 PST)
  • Doing an initial "dark launch" today to test for any production related issues
  • Will make a formal announcement later in the week
  • HUGE thanks to Chris Steipp for his security review (very fast, very thorough)
  • HUGE thanks to Alex for all his help with production setup
  • HUGE thanks to Greg and Reedy for deployment help
  • HUGE thanks to Dan for dashboard setup
  • HUGE thanks to Subbu, et. al for Parsoid (just in general)
  • Nothing blocking at the moment; not blocking anyone


  • T78730 - I'll be getting to that soon
  • Reviews: ContentTranslation done, Aphlict review next
  • Patches
  • Security recommendations for new services - Your input welcome! (T86049)
  • We're hiring!


  • Helped with security review for content translation (that uses Parsoid content)
  • Parsoid now gets its default supported (wmf) wikis via the sitematrix api call -- will be deployed today
  • Any final reviews for cite css customization patch are welcome -- now pushing to get that finalized and deployed in coming weeks
  • is getting close to being merged -- this will ensure that a set of pages that don't render properly in Parsoid will now be.


  • T76986 RESTBase production hardware
  • HW procurement: order out, waiting for hw delivery
  • T70751 Update wikitech wiki with deployment train
  • status still unknown

Mobile Web[edit]

  • WikiGrok test for readers running this week (16% of all users) - not pushing data to Wikidata yet, working with Analytics on data
  • Waiting on Flow team (MattF) to test lightncandy 0.18 before adding to core (already security reviewed). Hoping to have in place before dev summit.
  • Nik working on indexing solutions for new Wikidata Query service


  • nothing blocking
  • Zuul has been down a lot, exising problems' frequency increasing, and new problems arising.
    • we're looking into fixes, including upstream patches
    • In the meantime we're getting more people access to gallium to do restarts, remove file locks and stuff
  • preparing for All Hands

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Refactoring DonationInterface
  • Trying to get tests running on each CRM commit:
  • Internal Dashboard persistence
  • Parsing new audit file formats
  • CentralNotice history log brainstorming


  • Nothing blocking
  • Organizing around performance improvements and critical features for Q4 broad deployment
  • Will need analytics support to evaluate some initial metrics for performance and usage of VisualEditor, talk to James F for details

Front-end Standardization[edit]


  • Finished Flow Table of Contents and merged into master
  • Almost finished search work
  • Following up with release engineering team about Parsoid testing


  • RESTBase
    • Dependencies mostly on ops (public entry point, hw)
    • Parsoid integration pretty much done & well tested
    • Using HW delay to squeeze in a nice RESTBase refactor to make it really easy to add new entry points with Swagger specs only
    • Deployment ETA: early February
  • Looking forward to lots of SOA discussions at dev summit


  • PoolCounter daemon change deployed
  • Memcached/TitleBlacklist debugging ongoing - unix sockets are being tried
  • HHVM hashing memory leak fix by Brett needs deployment?
  • Patch to re-enable hot profiler for dev use (Ori has a good idea for avoiding DoS)