Scrum of scrums/2015-01-07

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Facilitating: Grace Gellerman


  • First Wikidata Sprint 2015 starts tomorrow
  • Not planning to do any harm to others
  • Currently no obvious blockers



  • Apology for absense.
  • No dependency on any other team blocking team.
  • Work on 'must fix bugs' for Content Translation by team to prepare for deployment in production.
  • Ongoing security review of Content Translation by Chris S (T85686)
  • Kartik is co-ordinating with Alex K for cxserver/apertium Production setup.
  • Deployment is moved to 12th January ( due to dependency on security review.

MediaWiki Core[edit]



  • Several bugs from isec audit, working with ops on a few
    • Status of next hhvm upgrade?
  • Reviews: ContentTranslation in progress, then lightncandy for core

Release Engineering/QA[edit]

  • Nothing burning down the house
  • Mediawiki unit tests now run under HHVM and Zend
  • Working on some browser test refactoring for Flow
  • Working on some infrastructure support for browser tests
  • Trying to improve the poor DNS for beta labs
  • Maintenance


  • Getting ready to procure lots of new hardware for CODFW
  • Jobrunner servers to get HHVM by early next week
  • Titan being chosen as wikidata graph platform
  • T76986 RESTBase production hardware
    • Order waiting for management approval
  • T70751 Update wikitech wiki with deployment train
    • ¿not sure of status?

Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Regrouping from big English campaign, planning for next few months
  • Want to get as much DonationInterface refactoring as possible into January
  • Starting to test new processor for China, will start integrating a new processor for South America soon
  • Working on internal dashboard customization and persistence
  • Lots of general code and comment cleanup in anticipation of refactor


  • Event Logging was broken in a deploy last night. Fix is merged and deployed. Events did not get into the database for about 12 hours, but backfill is harder than usual. This is because the schema was not being sent, so we'd have to guess based on the signature. We're leaning towards not backfilling but are happy to be convinced otherwise. Impact visualized here.
  • Would love to know what if anything is the status of the MobileFrontEnd changes that made it play nice with the X-Analytics header and specifically the proposed X-Analytics extension. We are pinging Ori but if someone knows something, please ping us :)
  • Wikimetrics work - deleting cohort users, privacy policy, read-only research user has access to do analysis on cohort and report data
  • Dashiki work - annotations and style fixes
  • Refinery work: producing the sampled, mobile, and zero TSVs from the Hadoop cluster instead of udp2log is very close to being done; pageview definition is being tested.


  • Krinkle responded to our Sentry-related tickets, so that's great
  • Could use some help for tgr on Sentry puppetization (bd808? ori?)
  • UW browser and qunit tests progressing
  • Some work on performance investigations, gi11es should have some numbers for us soon


  • Collaboration team is working on two main things:
    • TOC for Flow - Almost done, probably this week.
    • Integrating Flow with ElasticSearch
  • Also following the work to retire Mantle ( ), since Flow uses that