Scrum of scrums/2014-12-17


Facilitating: Grace Gellerman


  • What has your team done since we last met?
  • What will your team do before we meet again?
    • Further work on performance
    • Finishing up new sitelink UI
    • Likely not much going on during Christmas time until January 5th 2015
  • Is anything slowing your team down or getting in their way?
  • Are you about to put something in another team’s way?
    • Nothing that we are aware of


  • T78172 Language-aware redirects for mdot webroot in general: still collecting data, Adam to talk to Maryana
  • T76626 HTTPS-to-HTTP downgrade option interstitial for external Referers via Varnish: no on the interstitial, okay to have banners - Ops working on schedule, Adam/Yuri to attempt readying the banners


  • having an Event Logging workshop, trying to schedule it sometime around the Developer Summit in January
  • Wikimetrics - privacy policy, upload fixes, performance improvements, ready for security review, deleting cohort members is now possible
  • Vital Signs - rerunning bad data (are labs databases synched yet? We asked on the list)
  • Dashiki - tooltip support, use articles in mediawiki for configuration
  • Event Logging - disallow moving schema pages, limit table names to [a-zA-Z0-9_-]{1,63}

Mobile Web[edit]

  • Finishing WikiGrok test in stable
  • Turned on MobileFrontend for Wikidata
  • Still working on getting Mustache support in core (security reviewed)
  • Working with Trevor on icon standardization



Platform and MediaWiki core[edit]


  • Setting up of Titan moving along (lots of puppet work needed)
  • Aaron sent email to _joe_ about Orient hardware
  • Aaron working with upstream through various bugs


  • Nothing to report in terms of blockers.
  • data-parsoid private attribute now stripped from template content -- will go out on next deploy.
  • New deployments currently held up while we are ensuring that recent code fixes and refactoring ( ) won't introduce unnecessary dirty diffs -- could be unclogged by tomorrow.
  • Announcement went out on wikitech-l about planned changes to cite extension (prototyped in Parsoid first) -- using CSS for customizing it instead of site messages ( )


  • Marko Obrovac joined on Monday (yay!)
  • First round of RESTBase testing / benchmarking done:
  • Working with Parsoid, Mobile Web & Apps on getting Parsoid HTML into page views
  • Helping with Titan testing: now sharing Cassandra nodes with RESTBase



Fundraising Tech[edit]

  • Brainstorming road ahead for DonationInterface and CentralNotice
  • Investigating new payment processors for China
  • More internal dashboard widgets
  • CiviCRM continuous integration almost ready
  • Payment form and thank-you letter tweaks



  • Work to make the ContentTranslation beta feature behave as if it's enabled when coming from another language.
  • We plan to do a lot of ContentTransation testing in the coming weeks until the depoyment in January.
  • No current known blockers. We are getting close to the first big deployment of ContentTranslation, so we may need support from Ops, but nothing in particular right now.
  • (Personal thanks to FR-tech and VisualEditor people for working on RTL bugs.)


Continuous Integration[edit]

  • Migration of QUnit runners to Trusty/HHVM complete. Refactoring in MediaWiki core pending review, but coming along.


  • No major changes or needs this week. Interesting:
    • QUnit 1.16 released upstream, 2.0 coming soon.
    • Google transferred Pointer Events polyfill to jQuery.