Scrum of scrums/2014-05-28


Task Wall[edit]



Notable action items[edit]

  • Platform needs support from Ops unravelling pan-project email issues [1]
  • QA has two hard to repro bugs affecting browser tests, and needs some help figuring them out (maybe from platform and VE respectively?) [2], [3]


Partners + Wikipedia Zero[edit]

  • #2 ESI headers or GIFification: RFC posted, comments have come in, Dan Foy to talk to Analytics about approach
  • #108 memcahed / httpGet config pull issue: no progress, probably won't look at until next time issue surfaces; bug created at
  • #109 Refreshing bots: Brandon put in another provided patch, and Carolynne Schloeder is emailing with the operator to get a meeting to address their issues; original bug covering symptoms at originally embodied in
  • #57 Firefox OS exploration: no progress. Max asked about getting rid of dynamic pages on a mailing list, Jon said he'd like to keep.

Mobile Web[edit]

  • #111 resolved, all patches merged, thanks VE team


  • Modern/Cologne Blue gone from mw core, but now Preferences for Modern/Cologne Blue gone from beta labs. Need to register them or somehow restore them if they will continue to be legitimate choice in prod.
    • talk to Bartosz

Core features (Flow)[edit]

(sorry meeting conflict, can't attend) No new items. Hope to launch new front-end using handlebars/lightncandy templating in 3 weeks,

  • templating foundation code is in a shared "Mantle" extension for use by MobileFrontend and Flow
  • templating will need security review.


  • geosearch solr machines can be decommed and repurposed into more elasticsearch servers:
  • Analytics is in the process of re-writing 'Kraken' repository into a new one called 'refinery'.
  • Cloudera CDH5 is out, working on puppetizing.


  • Alolita and Kartik are pinging people to get feedback for Content Translation (CX) deployment plan
  • #80 Haven't work on Translate & ElasticSearch due to travels, some discussion with email going on right now


  • working on EventLogging and Wikimetrics, nothing special to report
  • discussing truncating data on EventLogging past 90 days, looking for schemas to *NOT* do this to
  • s1 slaves are suffering replication lag


Finished the initial experiment on anonymous editor acquisition; finishing up work on non-linear tours. Still waiting for review on getAllStyleFiles patch (#99 on wall)