Scrum of scrums/2014-03-05


Task Wall[edit]





  • Started working on Localisation Update (LU) rewrite
  • Work on Content translation (CX) continues


  • Zeljko is back from a week vacation. Chris is back from a sick day (mostly)
  • This bug is perplexing, working with Chris Steipp on it:
  • Several new features for browser tests coming soon but not yet ready for announcing


  • Varnish upgrades to 3.0.5 are done, no issues so far
  • Labs migration has begun and is in progress for the whole of March
  • New DC/Tampa replacement
  • Final call meeting yesterday
  • We have an official winner, pending C-level & Legal approval
  • ElasticSearch 1.0.0 upgrade planned for Thursday, otto will be assisting Nik and Chad
  • OSM
  • OSM labsdb (PostgreSQL) is puppetized and installed
  • Working on OSM syncing
  • Zero - work in multiple fronts ( #3, #76, #81, ...)
  • New PDF infrastructure
  • Temporarily replaced hardware with a different model to workaround a Linux kernel bug with trusty
  • To be finally installed RSN
  • JVM App deployment
  • archiva debian/copyright file coming along, .deb package almost ready
  • started puppetizing archiva and git-fat symlinking
  • Will set this all up in labs soon
  • Kafkatee running and copying zero and mobile log files to stat1002



  • Nothing really helpful
  • Release got pushed back to like April 10, so stand down a bit there



Mobile apps[edit]

Mobile web[edit]

  • #70 in progress, VE team pushed patches making both VE and OOUI more modular so that we can customize it easily on mobile, we'll be testing this in the upcoming weeks
  • #57 Firefox OS, Jon & Adam - RL team merged in RL startup modules change, unblocking work. Adam B booked on other things, so may be slow this month

Wikipedia Zero / Partners[edit]

Adam B

  • #65 Android will be integrating with an operator
  • #66 iOS no work this week, will have some work the week after current one
  • #2 ESI, still blocked
  • #76 Portal, email dialogue
  • #81 Contributory features on web, works in beta labs, Brandon Black is working on some things so we can validate in production
  • #54 "WAP" (actually, WML) deprecation - Varnish part done, Max has question pending with Dan Foy



  • Andrew puppetized wikimetrics
  • Finalized the work on the ulsfo analysis, still not perfect but gives the general idea


  • CSS and JS for Parsoid parity with PHP HTML [#84]
  • JS & PHP templating solution [#83]


  • Security review of Hadoop - ongoing, coordination between CSteipp & AndrewO