Scrum of scrums/2014-01-07


Task Wall[edit]



Notable action items[edit]


Brion Vibber

  • Patch to API to make it easier to create accounts with CAPTCHA
  • Needs review (when complete) -- Chris from Platform?


Niklas Laxstrom

  • i18n JSON w/ VE (roan) done except LocalisationUpdate I think (still in progress)
  • deployed updated plural rules
  • Starting content translation
  • Need review & okay for forcing IE to standards mode:

Wikipedia Zero[edit]

Adam Basso

  • 64 New overlay UX - Jon submitted patch, Yuri and Adam to review it -
  • 57 Firefox OS - ResourceLoader and pecl-memcached questions pending with Timo.
  • 65 Android Integration - I'm starting on this.
  • 66 iOS Integration - I'll start on this in a couple weeks.
  • 53 W0 Dashboard - I think this is on Christian's plate. Toby to talk with Dan.
  • 2 ESI headers - The upgrade approach didn't work, so it will be deferred, as expected.
  • 3 Support SSL - Pending Yuri/Mark/Brandon hashmapper / dictionary work. A sample VCL for specific SSL support is blocked, with the hashmapper / dictionary expected to be used.


Mark Holmquist

Since last time:

  • Lots of UX work on Media Viewer
  • New jquery fullscreen library in core soon as a partial result
  • Some UploadWizard work, mostly testing and Flickr-related
  • Worked with QA on getting testing for UW-critical API methods (we might need help following up on this -Chris)
  • Finished loads of hiring and moving and other human-related insanity
  • Trudging along on analytics scripts

Before next time:

  • Discussion about UploadWizard changes, probably will rope in VE and/or Mobile to talk about what we should do (see e.g. Multimedia frontend RFC cluster)
  • More work on analytics scripts

Slowing us:

Slowing others: N/A I think - we have upcoming changes to UploadWizard but that won't start for another few weeks


Chris McMahon

  • Past:
  • Fixed 503 errors on beta labs for Mobile tests
  • About to monitor fatals on beta labs
  • Infrastructure and shoring up
  • Future:
  • Create test data with API
  • monitor upload in production (might need help from Multimedia)
  • Maintenance


Andrew Otto/Mark Bergsma

  • Not much to report, just coming out of slow holiday times
  • Streber compromised, now in the proess of replacing all * certificates
  • NaNs in Varnish log messages (need Ops help)
  • Datacenter touring has completed, moving forward with meeting on shortlist soon


Matt Flaschen

  • Getting started improvements
  • Draft namespace work ongoing


Dan Andreescu

  • UDP2Log/Webstatscollector and EventLogging were down (hardware issue) during parts of 1/5 and 1/6
  • User Agent anonymization
  • Node module for MW Oauth under review
  • W0 Dashboards -- follow up


Greg Grossmeier

  • Search rollout ongoing
  • Multimedia integration


Lydia Pintscher

  • Performance blocker fixed -- planned deploy on Jan 14th (Card 59)
  • Still need follow-up on Ops contact (Card 61)


S Page

  • Spam attack mitigation
  • Feb launch aspirations

Mobile Web[edit]

Jon Robson

  • Bug fixes (30+)
  • Wrapping up overlay UX work -- hoping to push to all users soon.
  • W0 depends on this code
  • Exploring mobile diff
  • Ops dependency for push
  • Tablet work (UX)
  • Firefox OS work needs help from ResourceLoader folks (VE team)