Scrum of scrums/2013-12-03

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Notable action items[edit]


Faidon Liambotis, Andrew Otto

  • Datacenter proposals moving along, no news.
  • Work on varnishkafka ganglia monitoring using Etsy's logster.
  • Hoping to deploy varnishkafka to a few mobile varnish hosts this week.
  • webstatscollector changes (filtering out CentralAuth requests) to deploy this week
  • #17 still blocked by ops
  • Beta labs support is a resourcing issue


Bryan Davis and Greg Grossmeir

  • Wikimania Scholarships and Logstash both got their hardware assignements from Ops since last week
    • Platform is working on puppet config for both
  • Git-deploy not going to happen in foreseeable sprint (ending ths month)
  • Search deployment modestly blocked by ops - puppet patch needs merging and open monitoring questions


Chris McMahon


Dan Andreescu

Mobile Web[edit]

Jon Robson


Matt Flaschen

  • no blockers in either direction
  • easier article creation coming up


S Page

  • got the OK from ops for deploy (tomorrow!) as well as from security - thanks!
  • cards 22, 23 deferred


Roan Kattouw

  • Major deploys to 100+ wikis, small config bugs need fixing
  • VE for mobile stuff merged \o/


Yuri Astrakhan


  • Middle of sprint
    • Fixed performance issue in one Translate API module
    • Working on plural rules, cldr has new update with different format
    • Replag: I'm working on it
    • Measuring translation: starting to work on it soon


Gabriel Wicke

  • More tweaks and fixes as usual:
  • Cassandra now fairly stable with 2.0.3 release and tweaked settings; looks good for deploy this month
  • Metadata storage work using Rashomon ongoing
  • RFCs for storage API etc to be written for architecture summit
  • Variant conversion likely to be deferred until Feb/March
  • ping us on #mediawiki-parsoid if you have questions / need something