Scrum of scrums/2013-11-26

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Bryan Davis


Chris McMahon

  • No updates form last week from QA
  • VE Testing underway


Dan Andreescou

  • Productization for Wikimetrics underway
  • Blocker - Can labsdb be accessed from production
  • Worked on Limn dashboards with Mobile (Card 44)
  • W0 dashboards

Mobile Web[edit]

Jon Robson

  • Bug fixes -- quiet week
  • Diff U on mobile to make it more readable
  • VE on Mobile ongoing (but close)
  • Limn graph issues ongoing
  • May need growth help on continue editing features


Matt Flaschen

  • Some features for mobile - Jon asked to be added to commit


Niklas Laxstrom

  • Team back from India
  • Work on ULS performance has ended
  • New sprint
    • Translate performance issue
    • Translation amounts back on the table #4
  • Replag: I'm going to setup labs instance #30


  • Datacenter proposals moving along
  • All traffic currently drained from ULSFO pending network and contract issues
  • Labs in eqiad is getting some new hardware for migration
  • Varnishkafka always getting closer to deployment
  • Row D buildout waiting on more parts to arrive
  • Lots of incident responses, Faidon is a busy man.
  • Recent esams network issues,
  • increased latency and intermittent packet loss caused degradation of some services over the past few days.
  • This will affect udp2log (and kafka) data.
  • Varnish/Kafka underway
  • Search/Analytics buildouts underway


Chris Steipp

  • Analytics/Flow/Scholarships Review


S Page

  • Launching on handful of pages on 12/4
  • Blocker -- ops review
  • good parsoid interactions!


Adam Baso

  • Blocker -- opera headers
  • Mobile redirects going in soon