Scrum of scrums/2013-11-19

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Notable action items[edit]


Adam Basso

  • (Ops approval + Analytics follower) X-Forwarded-By header work with Faidon (Ops) - Faidon, Yuri, Adam to figure out short/med/long term options
  • (Ops implement vhost portion + Analytics follower) Landing page for and with Apache vhosts coming up in the next (hopefully) 1-2 weeks- Yuri to work with Faidon
  • (Mobile Apps approval and knowledge transfer) Firefox OS Wikipedia app bugfixes and deploy - needs to be done by tomorrow to make quarterly cutoff for inclusion in base OS. Yuri likely person to deploy in mediawiki-config tomorrow pending today's review.. Adam to talk with Brion.


Gabriel Wicke


Faidon Liambotis and Andrew Otto

  • Varnish serving all traffic since Nov 11th; a few issues found & fixed
  • Swift migrated to eqiad (last part of production traffic)
  • An outage a day this past week - see ops@ list for post-mortems (soon on wikitech, hopefully)
  • ulsfo deployment paused, back to procurement to workaround network/vendor issues
  • Assisting in the PDF sprint (see separate update by Matt)
  • aka "collectoid" or "ocg" (offline content generation)
  • Labs
  • New contractor (Mike Hoover) hired to assist with migrating to eqiad
  • Analytics nodes reshuffled into multiple rows for redundancy, still a few issues to deal with:
  • analytics1013 and analytics1021 seem to have the same IP assigned, Chris J is looking into it.
  • Need publicly routable IPv6 for analytics1021 and analytics1022 Kafka Brokers.
  • Lots of RFPs for Datacenters being reviewed.
  • New search servers racked, working with Nik to get Elasticsearch ready on them.
  • Search outage caused by chain of bad assumptions, lsearchd (Lucene) currently turned back on for all wikis until issues are resolved.
  • Card 30 -- unblocked
  • Card 37 -- still blocked on resources
  • Card 19 -- done

PDF Handler[edit]

Matt Walker

  • Goal is deploying to beta cluster this week; will need another week to deploy


Matt Flaschen

  • Progress on keep going (refactoring); API module next
  • Planning for next project -- supporting article creation workflow

Mobile Apps[edit]

Brion Vibber

  • Firefox OS Wikipedia App work (W0 taking responsibility, have high priority bugs to fix this week to make quarterly cutoff)


Niklas Laxstrom

  • Team at conference


Dan Andreescu

  • Geowiki info leak resolved
  • Ongoing -- migrating Wikimetrics to production (ops)
  • Cards are in progress


Jon Robson

  • Team at language summit; mostly bug fixing
  • Exposed bug with ULS (Language)
  • Working on Limn issue with Analytics (Analytics)

Core features (Flow)[edit]

S Page

  • deploy early December
  • Parsoid intergration going well
  • Ops review needed -- pass bug to Faidon(Ops)