Scrum of scrums/2013-11-12

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Notable action items[edit]

NB these are action points that came up during the meeting; there are other blockers and important bits otherwise buried in the notes.

Notable news[edit]

  • Mark Bergsma on holiday for three weeks starting 2013-11-18. You have been warned.
  • Trevor going on paternity leave starting on 2013-11-15
  • Entire VE team abroad, 2013-11-15, two weeks (india, london), back the night before Thanksgiving


Amir Aharoni

  • improving performance of universal language selector, may break some backwards compatibility, email sent to wikitech. Will affect Wikidata extension, deployed this Thursday.
  • would like to have dev environment to test replication lag...? Waiting for feedback from ops. (
  • Measure Google Translations - on hold for now


Andrew Otto, Faidon Liambotis

  • Past
    • ULSFO and ESAMS rate limiting issues, folks are working on this.
    • Site outage 2013-11-08, see engineering list. Please work on reducing error lines from fatal logs.
    • Varnish-text is up and running! some issues to work on like elevated 503 responses.
      • Squid->Varnish migration complete after 4 years. Squid to remain for another month or so as a rollback option \o/
    • upload-lb.eqiad IP change for Zero will be completed before the end of the week
    • deployment 'trebuchet' work: Ryan Lane is adding recursive submodule support, shadow reference repositories (pre-checked out reference clones during fetch stage) and MediaWiki localization generated on the targets, which uses the shadow reference support.
    • Analytics row having PDU problems. Want to shuffle analytics boxes in different rows to reduce rack/row related SPOFs. This will probably pushback varnishkafka deployment :/
  • Future
    • Mark Bergsma going on vacation for 3 weeks starting next week
    • Swift to be switched to eqiad on Thursday
    • Blocked by W0 on varnish conf changes

Mobile Apps[edit]

Brion Vibber


Chris McMahon

  • No significant changes since last time


Christian Aistleitner

  • We're experiencing slave lag, had to rerun several reports.
  • Took geowiki offline some weeks ago, but it is back in gerrit! Private data is back too, but not pubically accessible. Ask if you need it.
  • X-forward-for handling, in discussiong with W0 folks, need to schedule time to implement solution. (


Greg Grossmeier

  • Integration (Antoine)
    • see email asking for reviews for new Zuul/Gearman, Alex is reviewing and help Antoine deploy.
  • DevOps Sprint
    • ryan-deploy (what Andrew referred to) - trebuchet
    • Devs See Ori's !logs on SAL :) upcoming mail to engineering@, everything that is fatal or error is now being logged. Fix these things!
  • Search
    • everything seems ok?
    • Betalabs: no movement. Blocked due to ops resources, mostly time.

Mobile Web[edit]

Jon Robson

  • Few UX changes.
  • Currently have A/B test going on with Analytics.
  • Running test on infobox viewing time.
  • Trying to enable VisualEditor on Mobile Alpha site for tablet sized devices.
  • Waiting to hear from Growth team on KeepGoing/GettingStarted


Adam Basso

  • XFF stuff is in progress,
  • #17 W0 varnish configs: should be new patch out in next week or two for this.
  • #2 ESI Headers: in holding pattern
  • #3 Support SSL: Mark will be done with this by end of week, will be able to send new IPs to carriers.
  • #38, XF-by review: have patch pending, waiting for review from ops. Allows to suppress banners for Opera mini.
  • Meeting with Opera-Mini this afternoon, will be getting official IP info from them. Will loop in Analytics and Ops on anything relevant.
  • Discussion on Firefox OS, will need to make decisions on features for apps, need to follow up with Brion (


Gabriel Wicke

Core Features[edit]

S Page

  • Parsoid API,finding bugs, coordinating
  • Parsoid on beta labs affecting, but Chris mentioned this already.