Scrum of scrums/2013-10-15

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Adam Basso, Arthur Richards, Chris McMahon, Christian Aistleitner, Dan Andreescu, Diederik van Liewe, Greg Grossmeier, Matthew Flaschen, S Page, Toby Negrin, Andrew Otto, Jon Robson, Amir Aharoni


  1. Opening Comments - Arthur
  2. Updates

Wikipedia Zero (Mobile Partnerships)[edit]

Adam Basso

  • What's going on
  • Introduction of Netmapper
  • Upcoming
  • Edge Side Includes (Ops)
  • Cache variability in Varnish (Ops)
  • Blockers
  • Reducing Lists of IPs for Wikimedia Servers (Ops)
  • Open Issues
  • Will changes made to Opera browser request handling impact analytics? Yes! (Analytics)


S Page

  • What's going on
  • Flow has been prototyping and developing on labs machines
  • Upcoming
  • Dependencies on Visual Editor and Parsoid need to be worked out (VE, Parsoid)
  • Storage is also a concern -- both Parsoid and Analytics have been thinking about Cassandra; sync up (Parsoid, Analytics)
  • Blockers, Open Issues
  • None


Amir Aharoni

  • What's going on
  • Update of main page
  • Releasing language bundle
  • Upcoming
  • Google translate analytics -- proposal is to run some PHP scripts to get data -- simple but may have performance impact (Analytics, Ops)
  • Blockers, Open Issues
  • None

Quality Assurance[edit]

Chris McMahon

  • What's going on
  • top issue: Investigate cause of VE test failures in Chrome not Firefox. Root cause might be race conditions under slow connections in Chrome (VE Team)
  • Review existing and add cross-browser tests for Flow (Flow)
  • Pair with Language team on browser tests (Language)
  • Refactor common code for tests to a Ruby gem (tentative, in progress)
  • Tentatively committed to Google Code-In with ECT team (Quim/Community)
  • Work with volunteer contributions from QA mail list community (Community)
  • Assorted miscellaneous issues always come up: Mobile, maintenance etc.
  • Upcoming, Blockers, Open Issues
  • None


Dan Andreescu

  • What's going on
  • Testing Hadoop cluster by importing hourly PVs from webstatscollector
  • Location leaking
  • Bringing up Kafka message bus for log delivery
  • Upcoming, Blockers
  • None
  • Open Issues
  • We need to discuss udp2log EOL options (Ops, TBD)


Matt Flaschen

  • What's going on
  • Getting started iteration (A/B testing)
  • Upcoming
  • Getting started Web API (unscheduled but likely)
  • Some Tech Debt (guided tour) to pay off
  • Some API changes need to be communicated to the community
  • Blockers, Open Issues
  • None


Jon Robson'

  • What's going on
  • Bug fixes
  • Some work with mobile web
  • 'keep going' CTA - (Growth)
  • Graphs around quarterly goals
  • Released feature X
  • Upcoming (Beta)
  • Abuse Filter Report
  • More API Requests
  • Upcoming, Blockers, Open Issues
  • None


Greg Grossmeier

  • What's going on
  • Quarterly review today!
  • Search is being deployed
  • RFC stuff formalized
  • Upcoming (Quarter)
  • More search (Ops)
  • RFC Meetings (Greg -- time/date)
  • Dev/Ops beta labs and/or QA gets called for these projects
  • OAuth
  • Security
  • Performance work
  • Blockers, Open Issues
  • None