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April 2012[edit]


  • Data Centers
    • Deploy 2nd Transit (internet) network carrier @ EQIAD [Leslie][DONE]
      • ipv4 transit is now live. working on ipv6 next.[DONE]
    • Lucene Search deployment@EQIAD (parallel test)[Peter/Asher/Jeff][DONE]
    • Lucene Search @ EQIAD rollout [Peter/Asher/Jeff][DONE]
    • New Nagios server@EQIAD [Leslie][done but now upgrading to Icinga][DONE]
    • DB Schema changes - SHA1 requirements for post r1.19 [Asher] [DONE]
    • using varnish (replacing squid)[Mark] [DONE]
      • Mark has been testing his Varnish hashing redirector. Currently upload@eqiad is serving about 100% traffic. Also added 8 more varnish servers (to 16).[DONE]
      • Mark fixed 3 memory leaks but still seeing leakage[DONE]
      • Caveat: Varnish@upload deployed. Varnish has some inherent data persistency issue in additonal to some unidentified leaks. Will need more work.
    • new UDP2log infrastructure @ EQIAD[DONE]
      • prepare server Oxygen for Diederik [Mark] [DONE]
      • enable udp2log service [Peter][DONE]
  • Swift
    • Prep Swift infrastructure to be ready for 'Originals' (Commons) deployment - Testing [Ben/Aaron]
    • Start seeding SWIFT cluster with Originals

  • Data Dumps
    • EQIAD test/parallel runs [DONE]
    • Test suites for XML Dumps [on-going WIP]


Editing tools[edit]

Participation and Editor engagement[edit]

  • Article feedback
    • Abuse filter integration:
      • Testing of one filter on English Wikipedia [DONE]
    • Feature this Post, Mark as resolved [DONE]
    • Additional features for oversighters/monitors [DONE]
    • Edit this page - Option 4 (CTA instead of feedback form)

ation [DONE]

    • Central Feedback Log: Evaluate options, initial wireframe [DONE]
    • Begin design work on streamlined version of Option 1 [IN PROCESS]
    • Finalize Checkuser requirements for Feedback posts [IN PROCESS]
  • Feedback Dashboard
    • Patch releases (permalinks, e-mail change, AFTv4 change, bugs in abuse filter) [DONE]
    • Minor changes to support Dario/Giovanni's research [after April 16 PT deployment]
    • First internal research review [DONE]
    • Work on NO_INDEX; RfC closed [DONE]
    • Curation toolbar (temporary name): Complete first design iteration [DONE]
  • Echo/Messages
    • Examine LQT3 code [DONE]
  • Misc EE
    • CR on AbuseFilter and Moodbar (Andrew) [IN PROCESS]

Multimedia tools[edit]

  • TimedMediaHandler
    • Verify labs is ready for testing (issues with beta on labs) [IN PROCESS]
    • Begin testing on labs setup [ongoing]
  • [[[UploadWizard]]]
    • No current work planned, code review of small improvements

Feature support[edit]

  • Fundraising
    • Get recurring GlobalCollect up [DONE]
    • Git migration deployment [IN PROCESS]

MediaWiki infrastructure[edit]

  • ResourceLoader
    • Gadgets 2.0 deployed after MW 1.19 (dependent on REL1_19 schedule) [in progress]
    • Set up a first working setup in WMF labs [Roan, Timo]

Analytics Team[edit]

  • Deployment Wikipedia Zero and Teahouse filters
  • Deployment of Beta 2 Reportcard
  • Deployment of geocoding of editors
  • Configuration of analytics servers: Oxygen and stat1
  • Continued work on Reportcard


  • Internationalization and localization tools
    • Universal language selection UI (for desktop and mobile) [i18n team + UI/UX contractors (Pau, Arun)]; [in progress]
    • Translate extension performance improvements and notifications enhancements [Niklas, Santhosh] [DONE]
    • Narayam feedback functionality - adding more languages [Santhosh, Amir] [continuing; in progress]
    • Language impact assessment/metrics measurement [i18n team] [continuing; in progress]
    • WebFonts maintenance [Santhosh] [continuing; in progress]
    • Office Hours: Scheduled for next week on #wikimedia-office on Wednesday April 18 [DONE]

Editor Engagement Experimentation (E3)[edit]

  • This new team focused on engineering for experimentation around strategies to reverse stagnating/declining participation in Wikimedia’s projects will be effective as of April 16. This team will be a cross-functional team with resources from the Community and Engineering/Product departments tasked specifically with conducting small, rapid experiments designed to improve editor retention. We already know some of the fixes that will solve the editor retention problem, and we're working on those already. The purpose of *this* team will be to identify the fixes we don't yet know about. This engineering team will report to Alolita Sharma with two new software developer positions to be hired in the current fiscal year. See job listings for the following positions:
  • Senior Software Developer (
  • Software Developer - FrontEnd (
  • Software Developer - BackEnd




  • Mobile Navigation product spec [Phil] [DONE]
  • Advanced Upload Wizard WLM Spec (exploring whether WLM features are desireable/feasible for initial release of mobile photo uploads)



Mobile Web[edit]

Wikimedia Apps[edit]

  • Begin testing GPS API [Yuvi & Max]
  • Wikipedia Android app
    • Release V1.1.1 [DONE]
    • Release V1.2 beta ("the decoupling") [DONE]
  • Wikipedia iOS app
    • Release V3.1.1 [DONE]
    • Release V3.1.2 Bugfix [DONE]
      • RC1 [DONE]
      • RC2 [DONE]
      • Final [DONE]
    • Release V3.2 beta ("the decoupling") [DONE]

Wikipedia Zero[edit]

  • Digi Malaysia(Telenor) rollout [Preilly+Ops] [ONGOING]
  • Futher partner rollouts in Africa & Asia [ONGOING]

Wikipedia over SMS/USSD[edit]

  • WMF Production Rollout for Vumi over Gtalk [Patrick]

Special projects[edit]

  • Kiwix on Android
    • Improving performance of openZim PhoneGap plugin
  • ePub Collections extension [Ops+PP]

Platform / Dev-Ops[edit]

MediaWiki Core[edit]

  • MediaWiki 1.20/Roadmap
    • Bi-weekly deployment cycle begins
      • Complete 1.20wmf1 deployment [DONE]
      • Start 1.20wmf2 deployment [DONE]
  • Continuous integration
    • Improve beta labs so that it's suitable/trusted for testing (target completion in May) [Antoine, Chris] [ongoing]
    • Begin developing framework for integration testing [Antoine, Chris McMahon] [DONE]
      • possibly Selenium - see Chris's mail to wikitech-l
    • TestSwarm reintegration with Jenkins [Antoine] [DONE]
  • Git/Conversion [Chad/Antoine/Sumana]
    • First deployment from git mainline development branch [DONE]
      • See MediaWiki 1.20/Roadmap section above.
    • Updating deployment documentation [Chad/Roan] [mostly done]
    • Update all opt-in extensions from svn to git [DONE]
    • Bugfixing (see bug dependencies)
    • Make File.php write files to Swift in production on transformation (thumbnails) bug 35952 [Aaron] [move to May]
    • Bugfixing and cleanup on thumbnails [ongoing]
  • Lua scripting
    • Initial embedded Lua interpreter implementation [DONE]
    • Lua-via-shell implementation for third party deployments [DONE]
    • Working CPU limits [DONE]
    • Deployment to labs [DONE]
  • MathJax [Brion/TBD]
    • experimental MathJax rendering mode for Math extension almost ready to deploy [Brion]
      • needs IE 6-8 fix
      • Deployment with 1.20wmf1; enabling on for experimental testing [Brion/Aaron] [DONE]
  • OAuth
    • Begin specification work [Chris Steipp] [DONE]


Engineering Community Team[edit]

  • 'Summer of Code 2012
    • Proposal evaluation and acceptance/rejection, starting community bonding period [DONE]
  • Bug Squad formation and training [ongoing]