Requests for comment/pywikibot git hosting

Request for comment (RFC)
pywikibot git hosting
Component General
Creation date (2014-11-15)
Author(s) Valhallasw
Document status declined
See Phabricator.

In the near future (mid-2015), the WMF will move it's repositories from Gerrit to Phabricator, aiming to consolidate all parts of the development process in one application. This RFC is to determine whether we, as Pywikibot community, want to migrate with the rest of the repositories, and to determine what our other options would be.


See Requests for comment/Phabricator for WMF's reasons to migrate to Phabricator.

In the initial stage of the migration (Bugzilla -> Phabricator), multiple users expressed their discomfort with the rapid switching of development tools -- after all, we 'moved in' only 1.5 years ago (summer 2013 for both BZ and Gerrit).


1) We need to decide what we want to do when the migration takes place. A few obvious options are

  • Try to convince WMF to keep gerrit and related infrastructure up just for us. Unlikely to happen.
  • Move with WMF to Phabricator. Discuss
  • Move to GitHub / BitBucket / etc. Discuss
  • Move to a patch-based workflow. Discuss

2) We need to figure out what we need from the WMF. How do people clone, and how do we prevent their clones from dying?