Requests for comment/Move owned user pages without leaving redirects

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Request for comment (RFC)
Move owned user pages without leaving redirects
Component General
Creation date 2015-04-16
Author(s) ManosHacker
Document status in discussion

Any user should be able to move a page that lies under his/her user namespace without leaving a redirect. This is especially useful for helping editors who work draft articles in subpages under their main sandbox and admins or bots who have to clean up trash redirects.


In Greek Wikipedia we have enhanced the user sandbox template to help editors work their articles as draft subpages under their main sandbox and then move them to real articles effortlessly and without mistakes. The template is adaptive and bevaves differently according to where it is put. Inside the main user sandbox it permits (hidden option on the right) to create a draft subpage under the main sandbox of the user. Inside a user sandbox subpage it gives the option to move this draft page to an article, properly named already. The procedure eliminates needed knowledge, effort and mistakes. The template also provides access to the list of all user's sandboxes so users can organize their work easily.

Here is a temporary example:


When moving a draft sandbox subpage to create an article, a redirect is automatically generated. This is not wanted by our template design. Editors, being inside their list of drafts to select and continiue their work, either have to check the option to hide the redirects and click for refresh every time, or mark redirects for deletion by hand, one by one. When marked for deletion redirects are more confusing as they are coloured the same as the live drafts and they cannot be hidden, until deletion from an admin. Bot operators do not do such cleanups, so we are stuck, as moving pages without leaving redirects is possible only for administrators.


If a page is under a user's namespace, moving it without leaving a redirect should be available as an option for everyone. Additionally there should be an option to feed such a parameter to inputbox.

Temporary solution[edit]

We bypassed the problem using an external link to the list of user sandboxes, where we are able to pass the hideredirects=1 and stripprefix=1 parameters so users do not get annoyed with redirects inside their working list.--ManosHacker (talk) 22:51, 18 April 2015 (UTC)

Better solution[edit]

We now use a collapsible table, feeded with hideredirects=1 and stripprefix=1 parameters, to display all sandbox subpages inside the main sandbox and do not care for redirects any more. If you wish to save space and bot effort you can implement the proposal. If not, it's ok.--ManosHacker (talk) 08:16, 19 April 2015 (UTC)