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Request for comment (RFC)
Component General
Creation date 2016-10-12
Author(s) Jdlrobson
Document status implemented
See Phabricator.


Jdlrobson notes: I came across a patch from a user who was keen to move himself from "Patch contributors" to "Developers" in the MediaWiki CREDITS file [1]. It had been sitting there for over a year. He doesn't seem to have been active since. I don't know what to do with it. It made me think.

"Special:Version/Credits leads with 'We would like to recognize the following persons for their contribution to MediaWiki." - if someone is not in that list are they not as important?


Main proposal:

  •  Abandon concept of developers vs contributors - have a single list
  •  Add a page on to document the policy for being in this list.
  •  Put link to this page at top of credits page.

Alternative proposal:

  • Abandon CREDITS files, autogenerate this from commit history.

Further background[edit]

Wikitech-l discussion: