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MediaWiki 1.32[edit]

Known bugs[edit]

  • (phab:T215566) For new installations using MySql/MariaDB, the installer can't create the database. Users attempting to install MediaWiki 1.32 on a new database must create the database first.

MediaWiki 1.32.0-rc.0 からの変更点[edit]

  • (T209885) Prevent populateSearchIndex.php from breaking once actor migration has been started.
  • (T210998) -lang をコマンドラインのインストーラ (install.php).で使った場合には、生成した LocalSettings.php に的確な $wgLanguageCode を設定します。

1.32 における環境設定の変更[edit]


  • $wgJpegQuality – この設定により JPEG 形式サムネールの画質を設定可能です。既定値 80 は従来の ImageMagick 生成 JPEG サムネールと同等の画質です。GD 生成ではこの数値は従来は 95 でしたが、現在は$wgJpegQuality 設定を併用します。
  • $wgCookieSetOnIpBlock - これにより、IP利用者のブロックに cookie を設定するかどうか決まります。有効にすると被ブロック者は IP アドレスを移してもブロックが継続します。
  • $wgRawHtmlMessages – この新規設定を追加した目的は、生の HTML で表示していたメッセージの抽出です。
  • $wgCSPHeader and $wgCSPReportOnlyHeader – ご利用のウィキで「コンテンツのセキュリティ方針」を明示できるようになりました。これにより、パーサの弱点を探し出し悪意のある属性を仕込もうとする攻撃者を阻止する多層防御機能を付加します。(T135963)
  • $wgGroupPermissions – 利用者グループ「interface-admin」を新設、サイト全般のCSS/JS へのアクセス権限(ならびに他人の CSS/JS 編集権限)を管理。独占的に次の県源を既定で付与される。'editsitecss', 'editusercss', 'editsitejs', 'edituserjs' 。
  • $wgGrantPermissions – 上記の権限を付与するグループ「editsiteconfig」を追加。
  • $wgDBDefaultGroup – メンテナンス用スクリプトが使う既定のデータベース
  • $wgResourceLoaderEnableJSProfiler – この新規の環境設定によりクライアント側で JavaScript モジュールのプロファイルが可能です。既定で無効。
  • (T193868) $wgChangeTagsSchemaMigrationStage — この一時的環境設定により、システム管理者は変更タグを保存する方法のデータベース テーブル スキーマを段階的に移動します。
  • (T199334) $wgTagStatisticsNewTable — この一時的環境設定により、システム管理者は新規導入の change_tag_def テーブルを利用し、Special:Tags をキャッシュします。


  • $wgUseAjax – この設定は1.31 で非推奨、現在は無視されます。
  • $wgDefaultUserOptions – ウォッチリストの既定の表示時間(watchlistdays)は3日から7日に延長されました。(T194414)
  • $wgGroupPermissions – サイト全般 Javascript(MediaWiki:Common.js ほか)や CSS 、 JSON 編集権限は 'editinterface' から分離させ、 'editsitejs'/'editsitecss'/'editsitejson' のもとに付与されます。'editinterface' 権限がないとそれらのページの編集はできません。
  • $wgMultiContentRevisionSchemaMigrationStage は現在、既存ならびに新規のスキーマ記述に必要で新規スキーマの閲読には不用なため、 Multi-Content Revisions (MCR) は既定で作動します。設定の既定値が以下のとおり変わりました。SCHEMA_COMPAT_WRITE_BOTH | SCHEMA_COMPAT_READ_NEW.
  • $wgActorTableSchemaMigrationStage no longer accepts MIGRATION_WRITE_BOTH or MIGRATION_WRITE_NEW. It instead uses SCHEMA_COMPAT_WRITE_BOTH | SCHEMA_COMPAT_READ_OLD and SCHEMA_COMPAT_WRITE_BOTH | SCHEMA_COMPAT_READ_NEW for intermediate stages of migration.
  • $wgDBTableOptions – The default table options now use the binary charset. The default was already overridden in the installer-generated LocalSettings.php, and so is always set to binary after the installer UI option was removed. The default value is only used when the installer installs an extension.
  • $wgPopularPasswordFile — The location of the default popular passwords file has been moved to be in line with other non-PHP files used by libraries and classes.
  • $wgEnableImageWhitelist is now disabled by default, as it opens up a hole for potential privacy leaks by administrators. You can check "MediaWiki:External image whitelist" on your wiki to see whether the feature was ever used, and whether it needs to be re-enabled.

Removed configuration[edit]

  • $wgEnableAPI and $wgEnableWriteAPI – These settings, deprecated in 1.31, have been removed. (T115414)
  • $wgSiteSupportPage – This setting, unused since 1.5, was removed.
  • $wgBrowserBlacklist – This setting, deprecated in 1.30, was removed.
  • $wgExperimentalHtmlIds – This setting, deprecated since 1.30, was removed. The 'html5-legacy' value for $wgFragmentMode is no longer accepted.
  • $wgPasswordSenderName - This setting, ignored since 1.23 by MediaWiki and most extensions, is no longer set. Instead, you can modify the system message `emailsender`.
  • $wgTidyConfig – The experimental Html5Internal and Html5Depurate tidy drivers were removed. RemexHtml, which is the default, should be used instead.
  • (T181318) The $wgStyleVersion setting and its appendage to various script and style URLs in OutputPage, deprecated in 1.31, was removed.
  • (T140807) The wgResourceLoaderLESSImportPaths configuration option was removed from ResourceLoader. Instead, use `@import` statements in LESS to import files directly from nearby directories within the same project.
  • (T140804) The wgResourceLoaderLESSVars configuration option, deprecated since 1.30, was removed. Instead, to expose variables from PHP to LESS, use the ResourceLoaderModule::getLessVars() method.
  • $wgResourceLoaderValidateStaticJS – This setting, unused since MediaWiki 1.18, was removed.
  • Two temporary variables for deploying the feature of filters on change lists, $wgStructuredChangeFiltersShowPreference introduced in MediaWiki 1.30 and $wgStructuredChangeFiltersOnWatchlist in 1.31, were removed.

New features in 1.32[edit]

  • (T112474) Generalized the ResourceLoader mechanism for overriding modules using a particular page during edit previews.
  • (T12331) You can now log page creation events by setting $wgPageCreationLog to true.
  • Added 'ApiParseMakeOutputPage' hook.
  • (T174313) Added checkbox on Special:ListUsers to display only users in temporary user groups.
  • (T152462) A cookie can now be set when an IP user is blocked to track that user if they move to a new IP address. This is disabled by default.
  • (T194950) Added 'ApiMaxLagInfo' hook.
  • SpecialPage::checkLoginSecurityLevel() will now preserve POST data when reauthenticating.
  • FormSpecialPage::execute() will now call checkLoginSecurityLevel() if getLoginSecurityLevel() returns non-false.
  • The 'ImageBeforeProduceHTML' hook is now passed three new parameters, $parser, &$query and &$widthOption, allowing extensions even finer control over the resulting HTML code.
  • Added new 'ArticleShowPatrolFooter' hook, which allows extensions to determine if the [mark as patrolled] link should be shown at the footer of patrollable pages.
  • The array of hidden options ($opts) passed to the 'SpecialSearchPowerBox' hook is now passed by reference, allowing extensions to modify or even unset it.
  • Added new 'OutputPageAfterGetHeadLinksArray' hook, allowing extensions to modify the return value of OutputPage#getHeadLinksArray in order to add, remove or otherwise alter the elements to be output in the page ‎<head>.
  • (T28934) The 'HistoryPageToolLinks' hook allows extensions to append additional links to the subtitle of a history page.
  • The 'GetLinkColours' hook now receives an additional $title parameter, the Title object of the page being parsed, on which the links will be shown.
  • (T194731) DifferenceEngine supports multiple slots. Added SlotDiffRenderer to render diffs between two Content objects, and DifferenceEngine::setRevisions() to render diffs between two custom (potentially multi-content) revisions. Added GetSlotDiffRenderer hook which works like GetDifferenceEngine for slots.
  • Added a temporary action=mcrundo to the web UI, as the normal undo logic can't yet handle MCR and deadlines are forcing us to put off fixing that. This action should be considered deprecated and should not be used directly.
  • Extensions overriding ContentHandler::getUndoContent() will need to be updated for the changed method signature.
  • Added a new hook, 'UserGetRightsRemove', which can be used to remove rights from user. Unlike the 'UserGetRights' it will ensure that removed rights will not be reinserted.

External library changes in 1.32[edit]

New external libraries[edit]

  • Added pear/Net_SMTP v1.8.0.
  • Added wikimedia/xmp-reader v0.6.0.
  • Added cache/integration-tests v0.16.0 (dev-only).
  • Added giorgiosironi/eris v0.10.0 (dev-only).
  • Added seld/jsonlint v1.7.1 (dev-only).
  • Added EasyDeflate (unversioned).

Changed external libraries[edit]

  • Updated OOUI from v0.26.3 to v0.29.2.
  • Updated wikimedia/base-convert from v1.0.1 to v2.0.0.
  • Updated wikimedia/remex-html from v1.0.3 to v2.0.1.
  • Updated wikimedia/scoped-callback from v1.0.0 to v2.0.0.
    • ScopedCallback objects can no longer be serialized.
  • Updated wikimedia/timestamp from v1.0.0 to v2.2.0.
  • Updated wikimedia/wrappedstring from v2.3.0 to v3.0.1.
  • oyejorge/less.php replaced with our fork wikimedia/less.php
  • Updated composer/spdx-licenses from v1.3.0 to v1.4.0 (dev-only).
  • Updated mediawiki/mediawiki-codesniffer from v18.0.0 to v22.0.0 (dev-only).
  • Updated psy/psysh from v0.8.11 to v0.9.6 (dev-only).
  • Updated CLDRPluralRuleParser from v0.1.0 to v1.3.2-pre.
  • Updated jquery from v3.2.1 to v3.3.1.
  • Updated jquery.client from v2.0.0 to v2.0.1.
  • Updated jquery.i18n from v1.0.4 to v1.0.5.
  • Updated mustache.js from v0.8.2-d9aa703 to v1.0.0.
  • Updated OOjs from v2.2.0 to v2.2.2.
  • Updated qunitjs from v2.4.0 to v2.6.2.
  • Updated sinonjs from v1.17.3 to v1.17.7.

Removed external libraries[edit]

  • pear/mail_mime-decode was removed.

Bug fixes in 1.32[edit]

  • SpecialPage::execute() will now only call checkLoginSecurityLevel() if getLoginSecurityLevel() returns non-false.
  • (T43720, T46197) Improved page display title handling for category pages
  • (T65080) Fixed resetting options of some types via API action=options.

Action API changes in 1.32[edit]

  • Added templated parameters.
    • A module can define a templated parameter like "{fruit}-quantity", where the actual parameters recognized correspond to the values of a multi-valued parameter. Then clients can make requests like "fruits=apples|bananas&apples-quantity=1&bananas-quantity=5".
    • action=paraminfo will return templated parameter definitions separately from normal parameters. All parameter definitions now include an "index" key to allow clients to maintain parameter ordering when merging normal and templated parameters.
  • It is now an error to submit too many values for a multi-valued parameter. This has generated a warning since MediaWiki 1.14.
  • Assertion failures from the 'assert' and 'assertuser' parameters will no longer use the action module's custom response format, for the few modules that use custom formatters that handle errors.
  • (T198935) User list preferences such as `email-blacklist` and similar extension preferences are no longer represented as arrays when returned by action=query&meta=userinfo&uiprop=options.
  • 'missingparam' errors will now use the prefixed parameter name in the code and error text, e.g. "noxxfoo" and "The 'xxfoo' parameter must be set" rather than "nofoo" and "The 'foo' parameter must be set".
  • action=query&prop=revisions now takes a 'rvslots' parameter to indicate the multi-content revision slots for which content should be returned. It also has a new rvprop, 'roles', to indicate which roles have slots. A deprecation warning will be issued if rvprop=content or rvprop=contentmodel are used without rvslots.
  • The rvcontentformat parameter to action=query&prop=revisions has been deprecated. Clients should be prepared to deal with the default format for relevant models.
  • Use of the deprecated parameters rvexpandtemplates, rvgeneratexml, rvparse, rvdiffto, rvdifftotext, rvdifftotextpst, rvcontentformat, or the deprecated rvprop=parsetree is forbidden with the new 'rvslots' parameter.
  • action=query&prop=deletedrevisions, action=query&list=allrevisions, and action=query&list=alldeletedrevisions are changed similarly to &prop=revisions (see the three previous items).
  • (T174032) action=compare now supports multi-content revisions.
    • It has a 'slots' parameter to select diffing of individual slots. The default behavior is to return one combined diff.
    • The 'fromtext', 'fromsection', 'fromcontentmodel', 'fromcontentformat', 'totext', 'tosection', 'tocontentmodel', and 'tocontentformat' parameters are deprecated. Specify the new 'fromslots' and 'toslots' to identify which slots have text supplied and the corresponding templated parameters for each slot.
    • The behavior of 'fromsection' and 'tosection' of extracting one section's content is not being preserved. 'fromsection-{slot}' and 'tosection-{slot}' instead expand the given text as if for a section edit. This effectively declines T183823 in favor of T185723.
  • (T198214) The 'disabletidy' parameter to action=parse has been deprecated; untidy output will not be supported by future wikitext parsers.
  • Added intestactionsdetail to action=query&prop=info to allow retrieving the reasons an action is not allowed.
  • Deprecated action=query&prop=info inprop=readable in favor of intestactions=read.

Action API internal changes in 1.32[edit]

  • Added 'ApiParseMakeOutputPage' hook.
  • Parameter names may no longer contain '{' or '}', as these are now used for templated parameters.
  • (T194950) Added 'ApiMaxLagInfo' hook.
  • The following methods now take a RevisionRecord rather than a Revision. No external callers are known.
    • ApiFeedContributions::feedItemAuthor()
    • ApiFeedContributions::feedItemDesc()
    • ApiQueryRevisionsBase::extractRevisionInfo()
  • The following deprecated methods have been removed:
    • ApiBase::profileIn() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::profileOut() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::safeProfileOut() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::profileDBIn() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::profileDBOut() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::dieUsage() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::dieUsageMsg() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::dieUsageMsgOrDebug() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::getErrorFromStatus() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::parseMsg() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::setWarning() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiPageSet::getInvalidTitles() (deprecated in 1.26)
    • ApiQueryLogEvents::addLogParams() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiUsageException::getCodeString() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiUsageException::getMessageArray() (deprecated in 1.29)
  • Class UsageException, deprecated in 1.29, has been removed.
  • ApiErrorFormatter: Added getFormat() and newWithFormat(). In particular, you can now easily test $formatter->getFormat() === 'bc', and then call $formatter->newWithFormat( 'plaintext' ) to get a non-BC formatter.

Languages updated in 1.32[edit]

MediaWiki supports over 350 languages. Many localisations are updated regularly. Below only new and removed languages are listed, as well as changes to languages because of Phabricator reports.

  • (task T193566) Ambonese Malay (abs) への言語対応を追加しました。
  • (task T194047) シャウィーア語(ラテン文字) (shy-latn) への言語対応を追加しました。
  • (task T195940) Batak Mandailing (btm) への言語対応を追加しました。
  • (task T137491) 標準モロッコ タマジクト語 (zgh) への言語対応を追加しました。
  • (task T198132) マニプリ語 (mni) への言語対応を追加しました。
  • (task T201276) Western Armenian (hyw) への言語対応を追加しました。
  • (task T201583) Mon (mnw) への言語対応を追加しました。

Breaking changes in 1.32[edit]

  • $wgRequestTime , deprecated in 1.25, was removed. Use $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT'] or WebRequest::getElapsedTime() instead.
  • The MediaWikiI18N class, deprecated in 1.31, was removed.
  • QuickTemplate::setTranslator(), deprecated in 1.31, was removed. Use Skin::msg() instead.
  • wfInitShellLocale(), deprecated in 1.30, was removed.
  • wfShellExecDisabled(), deprecated in 1.30, was removed.
  • The type string for the parameter $lang of DateFormatter::getInstance, deprecated in 1.31, was removed.
  • The EDIT_TOKEN_SUFFIX constant deprecated in 1.27, was removed. Use MediaWiki\Session\Token::SUFFIX instead.
  • EditPage::isOouiEnabled() deprecated in 1.30, was removed.
  • mw.util.wikiGetlink(), deprecated in 1.23, was removed. Use mw.util.getUrl() instead.
  • (T61113) The following methods and constants from the Revision class, which were deprecated in 1.25, have now been removed:
    • Revision::getRawUser()
    • Revision::getRawUserText()
    • Revision::getRawComment()
  • window.gM() from mediawiki.jqueryMsg, deprecated in 1.23, was removed. Use mw.msg() or mw.message() instead.
  • mw.util.escapeId(), deprecated in 1.30, was removed. Use mw.util.escapeIdForAttribute or mw.util.escapeIdForLink instead.
  • mw.util.updateTooltipAccessKeys(), deprecated in 1.24, was removed. Use jquery.accessKeyLabel instead.
  • The SqlDataUpdate class, deprecated in 1.28, has been removed.
  • The Html5Internal and Html5Depurate tidy driver classes were removed, along with the Balancer tidy implementation. Both implementations were experimental, and were replaced by RemexHtml.
  • (T179624) Job::insert() and ::batchInsert(), deprecated in 1.21, were both removed. Use JobQueueGroup::singleton()->push() instead.
  • The jquery.footHovzer module, for mediawiki.debug, was removed.
  • The es5-shim module, empty and deprecated since 1.29, was removed.
  • the dom-level2-shim module, empty and deprecated since 1.29, was removed.
  • the json module, empty and deprecated since 1.29, was removed.
  • The mediawiki.widgets.visibleByteLimit module alias, deprecated in 1.32, was removed. Use mediawiki.widgets.visibleLengthLimit instead.
  • The jquery.farbtastic module, unused since 1.18, was removed.
  • The 'jquery.expandableField' module, unused since 1.22, was removed.
  • The hooks 'PreferencesFormPreSave' and 'PreferencesGetLegend' may provide any HTMLForm object rather than PreferencesForm.
  • The non namespaced TimestampException class, deprecated in 1.29, was removed. Use Wikimedia\Timestamp\TimestampException instead.
  • The global functions codepointToUtf8, hexSequenceToUtf8, utf8ToHexSequence, utf8ToCodepoint, and escapeSingleString (deprecated in 1.25) were removed. The UtfNormal\Utils class from the utfnormal library should be used instead.
  • The deprecated UTF8_ and UNICODE_ constants were removed. The class constants from the UtfNormal\Constants class from the utfnormal library should be used
  • The protected methods PHPSessionHandler::returnSuccess() and returnFailure(), only needed for PHP5 compatibility, have been removed. It now uses the boolean values `true` and `false` respectively.
  • The $parserMemc global and wfGetParserCacheStorage(), deprecated since 1.30, were removed. Use the ParserCache class instead.
  • ScopedCallback (deprecated in 1.28) was removed. Use Wikimedia\ScopedCallback instead.
  • Support for ResourceLoaderModule::getModifiedTime() and getModifiedHash(), deprecated since 1.26, was removed. Use getDefinitionSummary() instead.
  • (T195256) Skins are recommended not to rely on JavaScript for the "mw-jump" and "jump-to-nav" accessibility links. To this end, the "" is no longer loaded by default. The Vector and MonoBook skins have made a minor change to implement the toggle feature with CSS instead. To restore prior functionality, either explicitly load "" in your skin or refer to T195256 for details on how to make the same change.
  • Hook 'EditPageBeforeEditChecks' was removed; use 'EditPageGetCheckboxesDefinition' instead.
  • Linker::getLinkColour() and DummyLinker::getLinkColour(), deprecated since 1.28, were removed. LinkRenderer::getLinkClasses() should be used instead.
  • Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::getLaggedSlaveMode(), deprecated in 1.28, has been removed. Use Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::getLaggedReplicaMode() instead.
  • mw.widgets.CategoryMultiselectWidget now uses TagMultiselectWidget instead of CapsuleMultiselectWidget. The following methods may no longer be used:
    • setItemsFromData: Use setValue instead
    • getItemsData: Use getItems instead and get the data property
  • Two OutputPage methods, addMetadataLink() and getMetadataAttribute(), were removed. Use addLink() instead.
  • Another two OutputPage methods, setPageTitleActionText() and getPageTitleActionText(), were removed. They did nothing since 1.15 (almost ten years). Use setHTMLTitle() directly.
  • The return value of OutputPage::adaptCdnTTL() has been removed. The value returned was misleading and probably not what any caller would have wanted.
  • All MagicWord static member variables have been removed. Use appropriate hooks or MagicWordFactory methods instead.
  • MagicWord::clearCache() has been removed. Instead, create a new MagicWordFactory, such as by calling resetServiceForTesting( 'MagicWordFactory' ) on a MediaWikiServices.
  • mw.util.init() has been removed. This function is not needed anymore and was a no-op function since 1.30.
  • SpecialPageFactory::resetList() is a no-op. Call overrideMwServices() instead.
  • MediaWiki no longer supports a StartProfiler.php file. Instead, you can set $wgProfiler and $wgEnableProfileInfo .
  • The mw.loader.addSource() is now considered a private method, and no longer supports the `id, url` signature. Use the `Object` parameter instead.
  • The backwards-compatibility code in HTMLForm to add a drop-down control to an option that is not set to be a drop-down if the "mw-chosen" class is present, is now removed.
  • Several collations were removed. They were workarounds for bugs in the ICU library and they are no longer needed (as of ICU 57.1):
    • 'uppercase-se' (NorthernSamiUppercaseCollation) - use 'uca-se' instead
    • 'xx-uca-et' (CollationEt) - use 'uca-et' instead
    • 'xx-uca-fa' (CollationFa) - use 'uca-fa' instead
  • LanguageCode::bcp47() now always returns a valid BCP 47 code. This means that some MediaWiki-specific language codes, such as `simple`, are mapped into valid BCP 47 codes (eg `en-simple`).
  • The hooks 'SpecialRecentChangesFilters' & 'SpecialWatchlistFilters', deprecated in 1.23, were removed. Instead, use 'ChangesListSpecialPageStructuredFilters'. The ChangesListSpecialPage code for these legacy hooks, and their use in SpecialRecentchanges.php and SpecialWatchlist, was also removed:
    • ChangesListSpecialPage->getCustomFilters()
    • ChangesListSpecialPage->getFilterGroupDefinitionFromLegacyCustomFilters()
    • ChangesListSpecialPage::customFilters
  • The global function wfUseMW, deprecated since 1.26, has now been removed. Use the "requires" property of static extension registration instead.
  • $wgSpecialPages no longer accepts array syntax, deprecated since 1.18.
  • The MailAddress constructor can no longer be called with a User object, behaviour which has been deprecated since 1.24.
  • LBFactory, deprecated since 1.28, has been removed. Instead, use Wikimedia\Rdbms\LBFactory.
  • The MimeMagic class, deprecated since 1.28 has been removed. Get a MimeAnalyzer instance from MediaWikiServices instead.
  • The '--tidy' option to maintenance/parse.php has been removed. Tidying the output is now the default. Use '--no-tidy' to bypass the tidy phase.
  • The global function wfErrorLog, deprecated since 1.25, has now been removed. Use MWLoggerLegacyLogger::emit or UDPTransport.
  • The hooks 'SpecialRecentChangesQuery' & 'SpecialWatchlistQuery', deprecated in 1.23, were removed. Instead, use ChangesListSpecialPageStructuredFilters or ChangesListSpecialPageQuery.
  • The global function wfUsePHP, deprecated since 1.30, has now been removed. To assert a newer version of PHP than MediaWiki does, use extension registration.
  • The hook 'ChangesListSpecialPageFilters', deprecated in 1.29, has now been removed. Use the 'ChangesListSpecialPageStructuredFilters' hook instead.
  • DeferredUpdates::setImmediateMode(), deprecated since 1.29, has been removed.
  • File / MediaHandler::getStreamHeaders(), deprecated since 1.30, was removed.
  • The hook 'DoEditSectionLink', deprecated since 1.25, has been removed. Use the hook 'SkinEditSectionLinks' instead.
  • The hook 'UserGetImplicitGroups', deprecated since 1.25, has been removed.
  • The global function wfRunHooks, deprecated since 1.25, has now been removed. Use Hooks::run().
  • The hook 'UnknownAction', deprecated since 1.19, has now been removed.
  • The hook 'ParserLimitReport', deprecated since 1.22, has been removed. Use the hooks 'ParserLimitReportPrepare' and 'ParserLimitReportFormat' instead.
  • The following deprecated API methods have been removed:
    • ApiBase::profileIn() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::profileOut() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::safeProfileOut() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::profileDBIn() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::profileDBOut() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiBase::dieUsage() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::dieUsageMsg() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::dieUsageMsgOrDebug() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::getErrorFromStatus() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::parseMsg() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiBase::setWarning() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiPageSet::getInvalidTitles() (deprecated in 1.26)
    • ApiQueryLogEvents::addLogParams() (deprecated in 1.25)
    • ApiUsageException::getCodeString() (deprecated in 1.29)
    • ApiUsageException::getMessageArray() (deprecated in 1.29)
  • Class UsageException, deprecated in 1.29, has been removed.
  • MediaWiki no longer has a 'JavaScript-powered' wikitext toolbar built in. The old "bulletin board style toolbar", known as "the 2006 wikitext editor", has been removed, and instead sysadmins will be required to choose one (or more) of the several extensions available for this purpose if they need the functionality. The MediaWiki "tarball" releases have included the replacement extension for this, the WikiEditor extension aka "the 2010 wikitext editor", for many years now. As part of this, several parts of MediaWiki have been removed or simplified:
    • The user option 'showtoolbar' (shown as "Show edit toolbar") is no longer available; if an extension adds a toolbar via the EditPageBeforeEditToolbar hook, it will be shown; extensions should provide a specific user preference to disable themselves as needed.
    • The public methods Language::getImageFile() and ::getImageFiles(), and the related specification of $imageFiles within individual languages' code file, as well as the referenced static media assets, all of which were only used inside MediaWiki itself for providing the icons for the old toolbar, have been removed without explicit deprecation.
    • The internal ResourceLoader module "mediawiki.toolbar", which is unused except by MediaWiki itself and back-compatibility code, has been removed.
    • The internal ResourceLoaderEditToolbarModule class has been removed.

Deprecations in 1.32[edit]

  • HTMLForm::setSubmitProgressive() is deprecated. No need to call it. Submit button is already marked as progressive.
  • Skin::setupSkinUserCss() is deprecated. Adding of modules to load has been centralised to Skin::getDefaultModules(), which is now capable of queueing style modules as well.
  • OutputPage::addModuleScripts() and ParserOutput::addModuleScripts are deprecated. Use addModules() instead.
  • Overriding SearchEngine::{searchText,searchTitle,searchArchiveTitle} in extending classes is deprecated. Extend related doSearch* methods instead.
  • The following 'mediawiki.api' plugin modules were merged into mediawiki.api and deprecated: mediawiki.api.category, mediawiki.api.edit, mediawiki.api.login, mediawiki.api.options, mediawiki.api.parse, mediawiki.api.upload, mediawiki.api.user,, mediawiki.api.messages, and mediawiki.api.rollback.
  • ApiBase::truncateArray() is deprecated. No replacement, as nothing is known to use it.
  • WatchAction::getUnwatchToken is deprecated. Use WatchAction::getWatchToken with the 'unwatch' action parameter instead.
  • IcuCollation::getICUVersion() is deprecated, as you can just use the PHP constant INTL_ICU_VERSION directly in all versions that MediaWiki supports.
  • Parser::fetchFile() is deprecated. Use ::fetchFileAndTitle() instead.
  • The ApiQueryContributions class has been renamed to ApiQueryUserContribs.
  • The XMPInfo, XMPReader, and XMPValidate classes have been deprecated in favor of the namespaced classes provided by the wikimedia/xmp-reader library.
  • SearchResultSet::{next,rewind} are deprecated. Calling code should use foreach on the SearchResultSet, or the extractResults method. Extending code should override extractResults.
  • Instantiating SearchResultSet directly is deprecated. SearchEngine implementations must subclass SearchResultSet for their purposes.
  • SearchResult::setExtensionData argument has been changed from accepting an array to accepting a Closure that returns the array when called.
  • Class CryptRand, everything in MWCryptRand except generateHex() and function MediaWikiServices::getCryptRand() are deprecated, use random_bytes() to generate cryptographically secure random byte sequences.
  • Parser::getConverterLanguage() is deprecated. Use ::getTargetLanguage() instead.
  • Language::markNoConversion() is deprecated. It confused readers because it had unexpected behavior (only marking text if it looked like a URL) and was only used in a single place in the code. Use LanguageConverter::markNoConversion() instead.
  • (T197492) Language::truncate() was soft deprecated in 1.31 and is hard deprecated in this release. It has been split into two similar methods, Language::truncateForVisual() and Language::truncateForDatabase(), which measure length in characters and bytes, respectively. Use Language::truncateForVisual() when possible to provide equity to users of multibyte scripts.
  • (T176526) EditPage::getContextTitle() falling back to $wgTitle when the context title is unset is now deprecated; anything creating an EditPage instance should set the context title via ::setContextTitle().
  • The 'jquery.hidpi' module (polyfill for IMG srcset) is deprecated.
  • ResourceLoaderStartUpModule::getStartupModules() and ::getLegacyModules() are deprecated. These concepts are obsolete and have no replacement.
  • String type for $lang of DifferenceEngine::setTextLanguage is deprecated.
  • The following methods of OutputPage are now deprecated in favour of using showFatalError directly: OutputPage::showFileDeleteError() OutputPage::showFileNotFoundError(), OutputPage::showFileRenameError() OutputPage::showFileCopyError() and OutputPage::showUnexpectedValueError().
  • The Replacer, DoubleReplacer, HashtableReplacer, and RegexlikeReplacer classes are now deprecated. Use a Closure instead.
  • (T194263) ContentHandler::makeParserOptions() is deprecated. Use WikiPage::makeParserOptions() or ParserOptions::newCanonical() instead.
  • (T100681) Use of the Parsoid v1 API with the VirtualRESTService, deprecated in MediaWiki 1.26, is now hard-deprecated. All known clients were converted to the Parsoid v3 API in May 2015.
  • $input is deprecated in hook 'LogEventsListGetExtraInputs'. Use $formDescriptor instead.
  • SearchEngine::transformSearchTerm( $term ) should no longer be called prior to running searchText. This method was mainly implemented to support the 'prefix' URI param in SpecialSearch, but there are no reasons to expose this logic as it should be handled internally by SearchEngine implementations supporting this feature. SearchEngine implementations should no longer override this methods.
  • SearchEngine::replacePrefixes( $query ) should no longer be called prior to running searchText/searchTitle.
  • (T199657) Messages for $wgFilterLogTypes labels should no longer be in the 'log-show-hide-[type]' format. Instead use 'logeventslist-[type]-log'.
  • Global functions wfArrayFilter() and wfArrayFilterByKey() are deprecated. use array_filter() directly.
  • The $wgShowSQLErrors global is deprecated and nonfunctional. Set $wgShowExceptionDetails and/or $wgShowHostnames instead.
  • The $wgShowDBErrorBacktrace global is deprecated and nonfunctional. Set $wgShowExceptionDetails instead.
  • Public access to the DifferenceEngine properties mOldid, mNewid, mOldRev, mNewRev, mOldPage, mNewPage, mOldContent, mNewContent, mRevisionsLoaded, mTextLoaded and mCacheHit is deprecated. Use getOldid() / getNewid() / getOldRevision() / getNewRevision() for the first four (note that the revision ones return a RevisionRecord, not a Revision), do your own lookup for page/content.
  • The $wgExternalDiffEngine value 'wikidiff2' is deprecated. To use wikidiff2 just enable the PHP extension, and it will be autodetected.
  • (T194731) DifferenceEngine properties mOldContent and mNewContent and methods setContent(), generateContentDiffBody(), generateTextDiffBody() and textDiff() are deprecated. To interact with a single slot, use a SlotDiffRenderer (and subclass it to customize diff rendering); to diff custom (e.g. unsaved) content, use setRevisions(). Subclassing DifferenceEngine should only be done to customize page-level diff properties (such as the navigation header).
  • The wfUseMW function, soft-deprecated in 1.26, is now hard deprecated.
  • All MagicWord static methods are now deprecated. Use the MagicWordFactory methods instead.
  • PasswordFactory::init is deprecated. To get a password factory with the standard configuration, use MediaWikiServices::getPasswordFactory.
  • $wgContLang is deprecated, use MediaWikiServices::getContentLanguage() instead.
  • $wgParser is deprecated, use MediaWikiServices::getParser() instead.
  • wfGetMainCache() is deprecated, use ObjectCache::getLocalClusterInstance() instead.
  • wfGetCache() is deprecated, use ObjectCache::getInstance() instead.
  • All SpecialPageFactory static methods are deprecated. Instead, call the methods on a SpecialPageFactory instance, which may be obtained from MediaWikiServices.
  • mw.user.stickyRandomId was renamed to the more explicit mw.user.getPageviewToken to better capture its function.
  • Passing Revision objects to ContentHandler::getUndoContent() is deprecated, Content object should be passed instead.
  • (T197179) Parameters 'notice', 'notice-messages', 'notice-message', previously used by OOUI HTMLForm fields, are now deprecated. Use 'help', 'help-message', 'help-messages' instead.
  • (T197179) HTMLFormField::getNotices() is now deprecated.
  • The jquery.localize module is now deprecated. Use jquery.i18n instead.
  • The SecondaryDataUpdates hook was deprecated in favor of RevisionDataUpdates, or overriding ContentHandler::getSecondaryDataUpdates (T194038).
  • The WikiPageDeletionUpdates hook was deprecated in favor of PageDeletionDataUpdates, or overriding ContentHandler::getDeletionDataUpdates (T194038).
  • Content::getSecondaryDataUpdates has been deprecated in favor of ContentHandler::getSecondaryDataUpdates() for overriding by extensions (T194038). Application logic should call WikiPage::doSecondaryDataUpdates() (T194037).
  • Content::getDeletionUpdates を廃止、代わりに拡張機能により ContentHandler::getDeletionUpdates() でオーバーライドされます(T194038) 。アプリケーション ロジックの呼び出しは WikiPage::doSecondaryDataUpdates() になります (T194037) 。
  • (T198214) 旧来の Tidy 関連の環境設定は MediaWiki 1.26 で非推奨、現在は廃止されました。影響は以下に出ます。$wgUseTidy , $wgTidyBin , $wgTidyConf , $wgTidyOpts , $wgTidyInternal ,$wgDebugTidy 。代わりに $wgTidyConfig を使ってください。
  • Remex 以外の Tidy 環境設定はすべて徹底的に排除されました。今後のパーサはこれら環境設定に対して互換性にある出力を返しません。つまり Tidy を無効に設定した MediaWiki の実行は廃止されました。
  • (T198214) OutputPage::addWikiText(), OutputPage::addWikiTextWithTitle(), OutputPage::addWikiTextTitle() は出力がずさんで廃止。さらに OutputPage::addWikiTextTidy() 及び OutputPage::addWikiTextTitleTidy() は新しいメソッド命名の一貫性を保つため廃止。代わりに以下を使用して出力結果の整合性を確保し、テキストに対してコンテンツ言語固有の前処理が必要か判別します。OutputPage::addWikiTextAsInterface() または OutputPage::addWikiTextAsContent() 。
  • OutputPage::parse() 及び OutputPage::parseInline() を廃止、理由は出力がずさんでラッパー区切り子やインターフェースあるいはコンテンツ言語の既定値の扱いが不安定なためです。以下が推奨されます。OutputPage::parseAsContent(), OutputPage::parseAsInterface(), OutputPage::parseInlineAsInterface() 。
  • QuickTemplate::msgHtml() 及び BaseTemplate::msgHtml() は悪い慣行の予防のため廃止されました。I18n 現地化メッセージは常に適切にエスケープされるべきです。
  • Skin::getDynamicStylesheetQuery() を廃止。action=raw&ctype=text/css を返すので、呼び出し元は必ず直接、使用します。
  • クラス LegacyFormatter iを廃止。
  • 'img_description' で CommentStore::insertWithTempTable() の使用が廃止されたため、代わりに CommentStore::insert() 使用に変更してください。
  • Language::setCode を公開関数から除外、新しい言語オブジェクトに異なる言語コードを当てるには、Language::factory を使用します。
  • いくつかのクラスが MediaWiki\Storage\ 名前空間から MediaWiki\Revision\ 名前空間へ移動しました。互換性のため旧来のクラス名は除去しエイリアス化されました。該当するクラスは次のとおり。 IncompleteRevisionException, MutableRevisionRecord, MutableRevisionSlots, RevisionAccessException, RevisionArchiveRecord, RevisionFactory, RevisionLookup, RevisionRecord, RevisionSlots, RevisionStore, RevisionStoreRecord, SlotRecord, SuppressedDataException。
  • OOUI HTMLForm 内の 'info' 欄に 'rawrow' オプションを採用する場合、コンテンツを文字列出力 ('default' オプション) できなくなりました。OOUI\FieldLayout オブジェクトとして呈示します。要点としては 'GetPreferences' フックで定義されるフィールドへの影響が指摘され、個人設定 Special:Preferences で OOUI フォームが採用された結果が反映しています。(可能であれば 'rawrow' の使用をやめます。)
  • Skin::doEditSectionLink で$tooltipと$lang引数の除外が無効になりました。$lang引数は言語のタイプのみ有効です。
  • $wgUseKeyHeader 設定オプションならびに OutputPage::getKeyHeader() 方式を廃止しました。対応するドラフト IETF スペックは標準化を待たずに失効。
  • intestactions=read の採用により、API action=query&prop=info inprop=readable を廃止しました。

1.32 におけるその他の変更[edit]

  • (T198811) メンテナンス性向上のため、以下のテーブルに含まれていた UNIQUE インデックスは正式な PRIMARY KEY に変換されました: interwiki, page_props, protected_titles および site_identifiers。
  • OOUI HTMLForm はヘルプの文をポップアップ表示ではなく、記入欄の後にインラインで示すように変更されました。以前の挙動に戻すには`'help-inline' => false`に書き換えます。

archive テーブルの ar_rev_id 領域はユニークになりました。 Special:BotPasswords は再認証を必要とするようになりました。

  • (T174023) ストレージのレイヤにMulti-Content Revision (MCR) 機能を導入、表示に基本的なサポートが提供されます。メインスロット以外では、コンテンツの作成や管理のUIは未整備です。詳細情報は<> を参照してください。
  • image_comment_temp データベーステーブルを除去しました。操作は必ずCommentStoreが中継するため、この変更による外部コードへの影響はありません。
  • (T206147) Database::close() は今後、動作を全くコミットしません。


MediaWiki 1.32 には PHP 7.0.0 以降が必須です。HHVM 3.18.5 以降はサポート対象ですが、長期的なサポートの観点からPHP 7.0.0以降が推奨されます。MediaWiki の動作に必須のmbstring, xml, ctype, json, iconv 及び fileinfo PHP 拡張機能が揃っているか確認してください。

推奨されるDBMSは MySQL/MariaDB です。PostgreSQL や SQLite も使用可能ですが、サポートがまだ充実していません。Oracle あるいは Microsoft SQL Serverに対するサポートは実験的です。


  • MySQL 5.5.8+
  • PostgreSQL 9.2+
  • SQLite 3.3.7+
  • Oracle 9.0.1+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (9.00.1399)




アップグレードの詳細な手順はUPGRADE を参照してください。1.11以前のバージョンからの更新に関する重要情報が含まれます。

1.31.x 以前のリリースのリリースノートについては、HISTORY を参照してください。






公開の MediaWiki を運営する予定がある場合、セキュリティ修正の通知を受けるため、これらのリストのうちひとつに参加することを強くお勧めします。